9 Best Apps For College Students In 2022

9 Best Apps For College Students In 2021

College life is hard!

These days, not only studies, but keeping up with extracurricular activities, health maintenance, productive time spending, and financial tracking have also become a part of every college student’s life.

But don’t worry at all. We have a multitude of apps for every field, thanks to technology. There are millions of apps to help you with almost everything. These apps work as your digital assistant and reduce the burden of tracking everything yourself.

However, when there are so many apps, finding the best ones might be a difficult task. Thus, to make this job easier for you, I have listed here the 9 best apps for college students to save you some time and manage your college studies efficiently.

College Apps To Organize Study Stuff 

1. Evernote 

Evernote is a powerful organizer for your study notes. It allows you to flourish your sites with images, videos using your other favorite apps. You can sync your files on more devices (free version). The most favorite features of Evernote are:

  • With the famous app for college students, you can share your notes with your other fellows using your favorite tools you are using. 
  • Document scanning: No more worries about your documents. Scan with Evernote and save on your phone. Access your notes whenever you want.
  • With the web clipper, you can save related web pages with your notes. You can point out and highlight web links. Links can be converted to text to get more of it. 

2. Quizlet

Quizlet can make study fun and productive as a college student. It helps you understand every term in your lesson with its flip card mode. Besides learning, its different modes enable them to test what you have learned. 

  • Gravity mode: In this mode, the definition of a term from your lesson scrolls down vertically. To clear the test you have to choose the term defined before scrolling until the asteroid reaches the bottom of the screen. 
  • Long-term learning mode: This mode makes a study set for students based on data from the progress dashboard. Study sets guide students to master a subject. 

Apps for College Students to Organize Life

3. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app is one of the most popular apps that students and others use to organize their lives. You can have many calendars in one app to schedule your daily routine. The biggest flux is Google calendar is free of cost.

  • Google Calendar integrates with other apps like Zoom. Scedule all your monthly zoom meetings once with this app. 
  • You will get a reminder for the event a day and also an hour before the actual time.
  • You can see schedule set by your teacher or a friend.  

4. myHomework- Student Planner

myHomework has its version for school and college students. The homework student planner lets you keep track of your classes, projects, and assignments. To help its users to be more productive and organized, my homework has different features like:

  • Get a reminder or add a class, project, assignment, or anything to the app. You can keep track of your projects. Moreover, it sends you a reminder before the due date. A reminder can motivate you to do your work. 
  • Sync on devices: If you want to share your upcoming homework widgets with your friends, myHomework allows you to do so. Track your group assignments with this amazing app.

College Apps to Track Health

5. MedManage

First-year college students are challenged by the transition of moving away from parents and caretakers. You have nobody to remind you to take care of your health. For the first time, you have to do it all by yourself. Medmanage is a helper to manage your health. Have a look at how it helps college students:

  • Access to your medication lists, directions, adherence charts, and stats 24/7. 
  • Keep track of your medication habits and remind you to take your dose according to the built-in schedule. 
  • Help your family to keep an eye on your medication intake. Add up to 5 profiles. If you miss a dose, your parents will get an alert. They will make sure you are aware of your health better. 

6. MyFitnessPal

You can stay healthy and fit with MyFitnessPal, as its name suggests. A daily food intake and movement record are kept. This college app is a must-have for fitness enthusiasts. Its main features are:

  • It makes your food choices easy. Enter the name of the food you are going to eat. The app will show how many calories your food has. 
  • Keeping a food diary is possible. By keeping a personal food diary, you will be able to create a diet that fits your needs. 
  • It is crucial to your health that you get enough sleep each night. You can keep track of your sleeping schedule with MyFitnessPal. It helps you develop healthy sleeping habits. 
  • The platform keeps you motivated by letting you communicate with other users.

College AppsTo Manage Finance

7. Mint 

College students have very little money to handle. But college is the time when we develop our saving habits. Learning the art of money management benefits you after college life.  These habits allow you to enjoy your life fully during college as well. Mint is the most used app for money management:

  • With this tool, you can connect all your financial accounts in one place. 
  • Keeping track of every account does not require hours of effort. After connecting all your accounts, Mint tracks all your actions. 
  • Categorizing your spending allows you to stick to your budget. 
  • Mint helps you manage your budget, track your expenses, sync your investments, and monitor your credit score. Also, you can keep track of your monthly bills. Pay your bills on time by getting a reminder. 

Apps for College Student to Stay Focused

8. Forest 

This college app helps its users in a more productive way. The app’s user interface is the same as growing a plant. Sounds interesting? Yes, this is how it works:

  • Set a schedule for studying. A tree is planted for every task. This plant grows as you work towards your goal. If you pick up the phone amid your studies and leave the app, the tree dies. But if you are productive and work proficiently, you will end up growing a forest. 
  • What if you were able to grow plants in actuality while staying focused on your studies? Forest app enables you to do so. They work in collaboration with real tree-planting organizations. By now, they have planted 1,161, 318 trees.

9. Cold Turkey 

Using Cold Turkey college app and you will witness astonishing results. I am personally using this app on my browser, and it really helps me to put in a situation to work, how? Here is the answer. 

  • If you fail to stay focused rather than all your efforts, this college app is for you. Cold Turkey is the toughest internet blocker. Once you block a website for a specific time, there is no way to unblock it. Cold turkey is the best for those who are distracted by notifications on social media. 
  • If you are using a laptop for PPT and no need for internet, you can block the whole internet. But if you are studying online, Cold Turkey will block distracting websites for you. It works with a timer. Set a timer and block all your distractions. There is no way to use block websites


How can I Study Smart?

Here are a few tips which can help you study smart:

  • Study in chunks: If you plan to prepare your whole syllabus overnight, it will be a mess. Avoid a one-night study plan and delaying your studies. Create a schedule for your studies. Follow it no matter what. 
  • Proper environment for study: For sure, you cannot be in a busy place or a noisy place to learn your lessons. Choose a peaceful place or library. Gather all the books and other stuff you need while studying. Keep your distractions to a minimum
  • Set study goals: Create a to-do list for every task. If you have completed a specific task, check it off. This will give you a sense of achievement and control. It will reduce the burden as well. 
  • Self-assessment: Testing yourself can be a great help to set your next study goal. You can take tests on any online platform. You will be able to see what your strengths are, and what you need to improve next, by analyzing your performance. 

Which Online Teaching App is the Best?

Here is a list of the best college apps for online study. This helps you to learn a wide range of subjects from programming to art. 

  • EdX: EdX offers courses from the dream universities of many students. The cooperators include Harvard University, MIT, Columbia, etc. EdX brings lessons from these universities to your fingertip. You can study business, linguistics, computer sciences, and many others. The certificates from these institutions will be valuable for CV in professional life. 
  • Duolingo: Duolingo is a language learning app. It provides teaching in 30+ languages. Learning a new language with Duolingo is fun and interesting. Duolingo starts with the basics of a language. Basic levels include labeling images. The better you perform, the more learning material you can access. 
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is on a mission to provide quality education around the globe. They are working very impressively towards their goal. Recorded video lectures seem like a classroom, as teachers teach using digital blackboards. 
  • Udemy: No doubt, Udemy is one of the best platforms for online learning. It has hundreds of recorded videos regarding your subject. Besides this pool of knowledge, Experts are invited to answer students’ questions on Udemy. The hands-on exercises and discussion about the topic give students a deep understanding. 
  • Photomath: No matter how old you are, solving maths problems gives everyone a hard time. If you want to learn mathematics, Photomath is the best option. It is simple to use; just scan a handwritten or printed math question, the app will provide you with a solution following guidelines. You can see multiple solving methods for one problem. 


You have a lot of options, but not every app is gonna work for you. I have made the list of the 9 best apps as per my choice. Of course, I really checked out the features of all the above-mentioned apps to come up with the best. Give yourself time to find out which student app helps you stay productive and focused—ultimately, making you study better.

Which college app works the best for you? I can’t wait to add your favorites to this list.

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