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Amazon Permanently Blacklisted 600 Chinese Brands After a Fraud Check

Such stringent regulations have been implemented by Amazon. That’s why, it’s the top marketplace in the world!

Amazon Permanently Blacklisted 600 Chinese Brands After a Fraud Check

Amazon has now permanently banned over 600 Chinese brands across 3,000 different seller accounts, the company confirms to The Verge.

Amazon says after five months of its global repression, that is the big tally and why the tech giant isn’t afraid anymore: a spokesman tells The Verge that these six hundred brands have been banned because they knowingly, repeatedly and significantly violate the policies of Amazon and in particular those relating to revision abuse.

Amazon seems to have been on a crackdown on how firms such as RavPower gave gift cards in return for ratings. The Wall Street Journal’s Nicole Ngyuen reported.

Cindy Tai, Amazon’s Vice-President for Asia Global Selling, in an interview with state-owned broadcaster China Central Television on Friday stated that the company’s campaign is not intended to target China or any other country. She also indicated that the closures did not negatively impact the overall growth of Chinese online merchants on Amazon.

Source: The Verge

Here’s Amazon’s Statement:

Amazon works hard to build a great experience in our store so that customers can shop with confidence and sellers have the opportunity to grow their business amid healthy competition. Customers rely on the accuracy and authenticity of product reviews to make informed purchasing decisions and we have clear policies for both reviewers and selling partners that prohibit abuse of our community features. We suspend, ban, and take legal action against those who violate these policies, wherever they are in the world.

We will continue to improve abuse detection and take enforcement action against bad actors, including those that knowingly engage in multiple and repeated policy violations, including review abuse. We are confident that the steps we take are in the best interests of our customers as well as the honest businesses that make up the vast majority of our global selling community.

At the beginning of July, SHENZHN Yukoshe Technology’s parent company (more often referred to as YKS) stated that, according to the South China Morning Post, Amazon shuttered 340 YKS’ online shops and frozen over $20 million of its asset worth. YKS was characterized as one of the largest merchants in China.

It is unclear which brands of other Chinese companies may be part of Amazon’s recent crackdown, and some of its items will escape the network of Amazon. Although Aukey was one of the first major businesses banned in May, the firm sold earbuds as early July, still under a subsidiary brand.

Amazon’s standards are so restrictive that it doesn’t matter how huge the brand is… The firm is also pushing technology to another level., recently Amazon announced that it will let you Pay You $10 Credit For Your Palm Print Biometrics, which is kinda low for my palm prints…. Would you sell your palm prints for $10?: 

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