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Amazon Taking Online Shipping Experience To The Next Level With Its Delivery Drones

Amazon Taking Online Shipping Experience To The Next Level With Its Delivery Drones

Amazon is the world’s largest online market with millions of products and low prices. It is no doubt a revolutionary platform that changed the shopping criteria and norm.

Why is Amazon so successful and unique?

Amazon is successful because of providing supreme customer experience and hassle-free exchange. Amazon always keeps the well-being of its customers prior to anything. It is unique because it always keeps evolving and modifying and introduces innovative possibilities to enhance the consumer’s experience.

With the moving time, Amazon kept on making its service more impressive. Thousands of industrial products distributed to the masses as fastest as anyone could expect.

From weeks of the shipping process to days and a 24 hour fast delivery. Amazon is just not in the mood of setting camps yet.

So what comes next?

Here they are with another innovative solution that is about to change the concept of the online shopping experience.

Amazon will soon be shipping stuff in the UK and USA that will be delivered within a short interval of 30 min.

The idea was announced in 2015, and lately, Amazon has been given permission by the FAA (federal aviation administration)  for a prime drone delivery fleet.

Amazon is already testing this mechanism in the UK and made many successful deliveries. “We will continue to develop and refine our technology to fully integrate delivery drones into the airspace, and work closely with the FAA and other regulators around the world to realize our vision of 30-minute delivery.” Says David carbon.

 Amazon Prime Air Drone

The drones used in the testing delivery are powerful enough to carry about 5 pounds (2.3 kg). The limit seems a little incapable but Amazon claimed that 75 to 90% of its products lie in that category of 2.5 kilos.

These drones will be able to fly only 40 feet and it is also allowed to fly at that altitude by the FAA.

Drones for Amazon Prime Air

The drones that will be used in this project will be specialized and equipped with modern features to perform a safe, fast, and reliable delivery.

These drones will have the following sensors:

  • Visual sensors
  • Thermal sensor
  • Sound echo sensors

Visual sensors will include a camera to identify and analyze any object in the way or while landing.

Thermal sensors will also act likewise so that faults will be overcome by thermal sensors.

Sound sensors will also be constructed inside to recognise the direction of sound.

The drones will be navigated by GPS. In case of a crash somehow, an idea is also really effective to insert a mechanism that if a drone hits an object it will be immediately dismantled into small parts to avoid damage to anybody or anybody’s property.

The technology and mechanisms in drones are still developing and the company is re-evaluating after every test to make the safest, fast, and reliable drone delivery.

Amazon is also planning to accommodate small fulfillment centers in the city to accelerate the demand and load the parcel on drones as quickly as possible to accommodate within a 30 min time limit.

To observe the drones after many of them will be flying simultaneously. The company is also going to build command centers to observe, navigate, and track drone traffic.

The drones will be chargeable and currently, they can travel up to 15 miles in one charge with the parcel. Therefore charging could be an issue to imply this project.

To this error, they are working on putting solar chargers on street poles and lamppost where they will rest and charge. Then it will again take off to complete its delivery.

Whatever the idea is going to look like, this stuff requires a lot of infrastructure development which will ultimately take time.

So whenever it is ready for masses I’m going to order something with this service and experience the fastest logistic delivery anyone had seen so far.

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