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Android And iOS To Add Some New Set Of Emojis

This new set of emojis will make your conversation more sarcastic!

Android And iOS To Add Some New Set Of Emojis

Every year, there is always a new emoji that becomes popular and now we have a new set of emojis are rolling out to your smartphones (Both Android and iOS) in the coming months.

These new face emoticons are primarily focused on sarcastic conversations. There are five different emoticons that you haven’t seen before. The following emojis were released by  Emojipedia on Twitter to coincide with World Emoji Day (July 17) these examples are subject to change but we’ve already been through the list and picked out someone we hope are in the final build.

The companies will start rolling out the emoji to their devices or platforms in the months after. It might be too early for Android 12 or iOS 15, but perhaps smaller sub-updates afterward could bring the little figures.

Apart from four face emoticons, there is a bunch of other emojis as well. Now, you can represent different moods to your recipient according to your conversation. LOL! The list also includes hand gestures, a unique emoji that describes a pregnant lady, and some intimate emojis too. The list goes on….

Emojis are the best way to have a chit-chat. In today’s world, emojis describe the context of your statement whether it should be taken seriously, is it sarcasm? or is your boyfriend/girlfriend is rude? It all depends upon emojis. Maybe that’s the reason we are seeing new emojis almost every single year, to save relationships via emojis!

Social media apps focus a lot on their emojis. Snapchat bitmojis are way popular, it makes your conversation experience to the next level. Last year, Facebook launched something similar to bitmojis, they named it as Facebook Avatar, which became much popular in its initial launch.

As reported by Tech Radar, Final approval is pending until September 2021, and the design may change. Once the finished list has been drawn up Google, Apple, Facebook, and other companies will start designing their own versions of these icons. These resulting emojis won’t be completely different from the originals, just spin-offs in each company’s house style.

Emojipedia wrote on their blog about its arrival,

  1. It is yet to be confirmed which emojis are in the final version of Emoji 14.0. The final version is likely to resemble this draft list, and no new emojis will be added at this stage. But there’s always a remote possibility of a change or removal ahead of September
  2. Release dates for emoji support always vary by operating system, app, or device.

So, expect to see some companies rolling out with early emoji support in late 2021, and the majority of updates to take place in the first half of 2022.

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