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Apple Is Changing Mail Privacy Protection And Email Marketers Must Prepare

Apple Is Changing Mail Privacy Protection And Email Marketers Must Prepare

In today’s age, digital privacy is something users value significantly. And it’s not surprising. With the growth of residential internet services, people had more access to the web. And as providers like Cox cable continued penetrating into new markets, the internet userbase only went up. So, it was only a matter of time before businesses and advertisers began embracing this new medium.  

And so we arrive at what the digital ecosystem looks like today. Surprisingly, most people have only become aware of the risks to digital privacy and privacy protection only recently. This is why they are willing to pay for more protection, like Apple offers. However, the tech giant’s most recent changes to its mail privacy service are something email marketers would do well to take seriously. Read on to find out how. 

Apple’s New Mail Privacy and How Marketers Should Adjust  

Apple has always pitched privacy as a key benefit of using its closed ecosystem. However, the manufacturer has made significant changes this year that could impact advertisers and marketers alike. Specifically, the changes relate to Apple’s mail protection. The changes will not apply by default. But users can choose to opt-in if they want to. The changes will include: 

  • Apple will open and load each mail to a proxy server as soon as it enters the mailbox.  
  • Apple will download content via proxy in the background privately. 
  • All incoming mails will be opened regardless of the actual user. 

Apple’s Policy for Email Marketers

Here’s how email marketers can adjust course to keep ahead of the new policy: 

Learn How Apple Mail Users Figure into Your Audience 

The first thing to do before making any changes in strategy is to analyze your audience. Apple Mail is a great service. But your entire audience will not consist of Apple users. Many Apple users also continue to use Gmail or other services. The actual proportion of Apple Mail users may not be too significant among your email marketing list. In such cases, you should assess whether changing policies is a priority or not. 

Focus More on Getting Click-Throughs Than Opens  

Open rates are an important metric in email marketing strategy. It helps marketers to evaluate the performance of a campaign and to adjust accordingly. However, under the new Apple Mail policy, open rates may no longer be accurate anymore.  

Since Apple will open every incoming mail in a proxy environment, you cannot rely on it. You may not even be able to see if an actual user opened it at all. Instead, you need another indicator. One that is unmistakably human and measurable. Click-through rates are much more accurate in this case. They can help email marketers measure if recipients even interact with the email at all.  

Add More Engaging CTAs 

One great way to encourage more click-through rates is to offer CTAs. A CTA or a call to action is self-explanatory. It motivates readers on a website, or in this case an email, to take the desired action. “Call Now”, “Get in Touch”, and “Schedule an Appointment” are simple but effective CTAs. But you may need to start working on making them more engaging for higher CTRs.   

Live Content Elements Will Not Work the Same Way 

Live content will also not work the same way as it used to. Live content elements are great at keeping users engaged in the email. However, these live elements change frequently, such as animations, flashing banners, and even videos. Live elements add a lot of life and vibrance to your emails. They grab attention and when used strategically, can get users to engage with the right elements. Live elements conventional play a key role in increasing conversions from email marketing.  

However, since Apple will open and download content in private, you can expect difficulties ahead. Before users can even open the mail, Apple will already have done so. This means what a user sees may not reflect the live elements correctly. At best, they may be a screenshot of when the incoming email was first opened.

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