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Apple is Working on iPhone ‘Crash Detection’ Feature

Apple wants iPhones to detect car accidents and dial 911 automatically!

Apple is Working on iPhone 'Crash Detection' Feature

According to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and people familiar with the feature, Apple Inc. plans to release a product feature called “crash detection” for iPhones and Apple Watches next year.

iPhone with this functionality would immediately dial 911 for emergency help after detecting what the phone’s sensors determine to be a vehicle crash.

The feature would be available on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. According to company documents, this safety feature for Apple Watches, is expected to schedule in 2022.

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According to reports, Apple has been working on the functionality for several years and has been testing it with real-world data. Apple has been gathering datasets from iPhone and Watch users. It has identified over 10 million suspected car hits, with over 50,000 of them followed by a 911 call. Because a 911 emergency call is a relatively good indication of a major incident, Apple has been utilizing that data to increase the accuracy of its crash-detection system.

According to the papers, Apple analyzed more than 10 million potential vehicle crashes, at least 50,000 of which involved a 911 call, to fine-tune its crash-detection algorithm.

If you’re unaware of such features, Apple Watch 4 series has fall detection, and it automatically notifies emergency services and contact your loved ones if you don’t reply to a message within a specified length of time. If all goes as planned, the crash-detection capability will be available for iPhones and Apple Watches in 2022.

But there’s a catch, according to WSJ sources, the release date may change, or the update may not be released at all while the development process continues.

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