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Apple Says, iPhone 13 Pro Has Certain Issues With ProMotion Displays

The most recent ProMotion display has some early problems in iPhone 13 Pro models.

Apple Says, iPhone 13 Pro Has Certain Issues With ProMotion Displays

The latest iPhone 13 Series just arrived on Friday, and we are having early issues with one of its major upgraded feature.

According to Apple, iPhone 13 Pro models are having a certain issue that’s preventing some animations from using high refresh rates. The company expects to fix this issue as soon as possible.

ProMotion is one of the major upgrades in iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. These newly adopted screens acquire variable refresh rates that can reach 120Hz. However, there are some other issues which Apple didn’t mention.

9to5Mac – one of the credible sources discovered, some app animations in third-party apps are presently only operating at 60Hz. That may be disappointing if you were anticipating buttery-smooth animations across all of your applications with the new phones, but when we asked Apple what was going on, the firm provided two possible explanations.

One reason for this is because developers will need to update their apps to declare that they are using the increased refresh rate. Apple says this may be accomplished by adding an item to the app’s list, and the firm promises to publish documentation regarding the entry you’ll need to add shortly.

However, in some circumstances, animations created with Apple’s Core Animation technology are also affected by a bug that will be resolved in a future software update, according to Apple.

Variable refresh rate screens provide several advantages, including better animations and scrolling while using the device, as well as energy savings when the screen operates at lower refresh rates.

In a review from The Verge, they were delighted with the displays on the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, and it’s wonderful to learn that third-party applications will be able to fully use what they have to offer — though some may have to wait until after that software update.

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