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Apple will reportedly conduct its next hardware presentation in early March

Apple could launch new products as soon as March 8

Apple will reportedly conduct its next hardware presentation in early March

Apple will hold its next hardware presentation on or around September 8th. Bloomberg reports.

The company is expected to introduce the third-generation iPhone SE, an update of the 2020 iPad Air, and a new Mac machine with an Apple Silicon processor at the event.

The timing corresponds to the March to April timeframe that Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously stated Apple had set for the SE’s introduction, although the company has warned that potential manufacturing delays might force it to rethink its plans.

As per the sources, the new phone will reportedly include a 5G modem, a first for the SE range. It will also have a faster processor and a better camera. However, it will  keep the current model’s i.e. iPhone 8-era appearance. Meanwhile, the next iPad Air will get a chipset update as well as 5G connectivity.

Bloomberg didn’t mention much about the new Mac that Apple may introduce at the same event, but most recent rumors indicate that the firm will launch a new 27-inch iMac Pro model.

Apple may time the event to correspond with the official release of iOS 15.4, the most recent version of the iPhone software.

IOS 15.4 is now being tested in beta. It is likely to include several new features, such as the ability to unlock your device using face recognition while wearing a mask and new emoji.

Apple is performing well despite the global chip shortage, the latest iPhone 13 lineup has generated the company’s highest revenue, whereas other brands are facing a major supply chain issue!

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