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Biden says Facebook is killing people with Covid-19 misinformation!

Consuming false information can be dangerous to your mind!

Biden says Facebook is killing people with Covid-19 misinformation

US President, Joe Biden expressed his frustration by saying Facebook, the biggest social platform is misleading people by spreading false information related to the global pandemic.

The misinformation provided by today’s social networks not only sticks to the Covid-19 infections but also about the vaccines that provide immunity among humans. In the White House, there’s extreme pressure to fight against this global pandemic with the help of vaccination. They contribute a crucial part to prevent this virus from spreading further and that’s the only way to obtain herd immunity.

The situation is getting worst because of virus mutations resulting in a number of different Covid-19 variants circulating. So, people are in extreme doubts about whether to get vaccinate themselves or just running into circles of misinformation about the vaccine’s side effects.

The following statements came after a meeting held at the White House

A reporter from The Hill asked Mr. President, ” What’s your message to platforms like Facebook?” to which Mr. President replied, “They are killing people!”

The Verge reported about the statements come after a coordinated campaign from the White House pressuring Facebook and other platforms to act more aggressively to counter misinformation about coronavirus vaccines. On Thursday, a report from Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called on platforms to institute stricter penalties against accounts that share misinformation. Speaking to the press corps, he specifically called out algorithmic recommendation engines like the Facebook News Feed for contributing to misinformation.

In some aspects, Facebook did a little to tackle spreading false information. A few days ago, Facebook created a new feature named “Expert Feature”. It is designed to help real experts “stand out” in discussions about their field of expertise. It will enable effective communication between users discussing a particular topic especially health-related issues.

The access will be provided by the group admins to give the particular title to any group member they want. It will represent just like other titles on an individual’s profile name like a moderator, admin, etc.

Facebook, the platform recently became a $1Trillion company, has a huge number of users. in fact, it’s the biggest social platform ever. So, with that huge amount of users, misinformation can be spread easily to target a majority of people. Biden words are accurate, you don’t know how individuals will interpret that false information in their minds.

This misinformation or false information has also caused panic attacks and anxiety towards millions of users. Psychological disorders are increasing day by day. Facebook really needs to monitor what an individual is posting and whether it’s true or untrue, especially in medical issues.

These social networks can be of great benefit if the information posted can be monitored well. Unfortunately, there are the majority of the conspiracy theorists, myth spreaders out there to persuade human thoughts easily. So, there should be a process of posting authentic information or no false information at all.

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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