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China vs America, Is this the End of Huawei?

China Vs America, Is this the End of Huawei

As soon as 2020, the year of ultimate misfortune started. The whole world has been sorely affected by the epidemic. And not neglecting the fact that China was the origin of this epidemic. There’s no other country suffering more than China. And America is already trying to suppress China from its stupendous growth. The dispute between the two superior countries continues to grow.

But this political dispute has already provoked a technological war between the global technological giant “Huawei” and superpower the USA. Due to the previous conflict between the USA and Huawei on data theft and loss is privacy. Huawei was already scooped out of the USA and the reputation has not been great. And after the dispute between China and America, the situation does not seem to achieve any betterment.

American President Trump has already extended the ban on Huawei products until 2021. They have also prohibited business exchanges with Huawei of any kind. And ultimately the company seems to feel extreme adversity. But the fight for technological dominance continues because Huawei has a great amount of business out of the USA and is still coming up with new alternatives to stand against this ban.

Even after Huawei announced its own operating system which was expected since Huawei was also unable to work with Google and Google owns Android. So Huawei tries to break almost all the dependence on Android.

But there are still bigger challenges than an operating system they have to face. Huawei will soon be cut off from the Taiwanese company which was the major source of their phone chipset and hardware. They will also be disabled to get the rams and display panels from Samsung because they have minor negligible USA involvement.

Huawei competes with other big technological names in the technological race even after being completely dropped by the UK and the USA from their 5G infrastructure. The tech battle produced by America is no doubt going to result in some miraculous innovation. It will still be quite exciting to see Huawei coming up with new plans and decisions to restore people’s trust back and make their product desirable and attractive for non-Chinese customers. They will also have to make changes so that people will choose their product over other products.

Since even after the ban the prices of Huawei products continued to increase since it has always been a premium product and targets high-class customers which are obviously profitable rather than targeting low-class customers which provide little or no profit at all. And to be honest, the specifications and the features Huawei provides are no doubt premium. The performance reviews and user experience has always been great.

Huawei has always been a great company but if the situation becomes worse they will not be able to participate in this technological dominance war and will soon vanish from the map of technological companies. As we’ve always seen, for a company, dependence is always defeating. We’ve already seen Fully established companies trying to escape the dependence from other companies they are collaborating with within their products. And which is, of course, a vital move.

Anyway, it’s not the end of the world. And you still should always double-check and confirm your satisfaction before buying any product from any company. After all, you are the one that makes companies successful and devastated. Your choice is what all of this is about. Keep yourself aware and acknowledged the power of your choice and preferences. So always choose wisely and according to your need and desire.

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