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Elon Musk: ‘I Don’t Want To Be CEO Of Anything’

Mr. Musk, as usual, communicating with the audience via tweets!

Elon Musk, who literally controls the crypto and stock market by his tweets is on the roll. The CEO says, “The company doesn’t need any CEO.”

James Clayton, a well-known tech writer reported on BBC that a new book is coming out about the Tesla CEO. One story is that in 2016 – when Tesla was in trouble – Musk reached out to Apple’s Tim Cook, who he thought might want to buy the company.

The story goes that Elon Musk insisted that as part of the deal, he be made CEO of Apple. Tim Cook refused to meet him at that time!

Without a press office to comment on the story, James Clayton even posted a tweet to endorse if this actually happened, to which Mr. Musk tweeted and explained the whole scenario.

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Elon Musk said something similar last month whilst giving evidence in court. Talking about being CEO of Tesla, he said: “I rather hate it and I would much prefer to spend my time on design and engineering.”

He is repeatedly saying he doesn’t want to be CEO will worry some investors. He also gave a reason,

“I have to or, frankly, Tesla is going to die.”

Elon Musk on why he continues to be Tesla’s boss

Well, there is no doubt that he is the one behind Tesla’s success. With multiple failures continuously, we bet any other person instead of him would have stayed. Along with tremendous growth, the Tesla boss has caused all sorts of headaches for Tesla shareholders.

Source: BBC

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BBC reported, he is currently being sued by shareholders who claim the carmaker’s money was wasted on buying SolarCity, which – they say – was running out of money. At the time of the deal, Mr. Musk owned a 22% stake in both Tesla and SolarCity.

Musk gives the impression of a man trapped. He is clearly excited by ideas, innovation, engineering – the exciting start-up part of a company. He is not only involved in Tesla but also the founder of SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company. SpaceX has even in April awarded a contract by NASA to put people onto the moon.

A couple of months ago, Neuralink did something unique, with this unique innovation we have seen Monkey Equipped With Neuralink Device Plays Pong With Its Mind! and that was dope.

Musk is more of an entrepreneur who likes to be socially connected with people via tweets. He even discusses his perspective about life, business, success, and even failures in podcasts. You can see him smoking weed during Joe Rogan’s podcast.

In the month of April, Mr. Musk was just plunged by more than $20 billion since his controversial appearance on SNL (Saturday Night Live), not because of bad performances or reviews but a combination of two of Musk’s big financial interests: Cryptocurrencies like dogecoin or bitcoin, and Tesla stock – losing the value that is driving down his overall net worth.

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