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Facebook & Instagram 1-Star Rating By Pro Palestine Activists. What’s Happening?

Facebook & Instagram 1-Star Rating By Pro Palestine Activists. What's Happening

Talk about an Anti-Islamic conflict and one of the biggest social platforms doesn’t play its part. Not gonna happen! 

Facebook has been promoting stuff against Muslims for the past few years. Years of complaining and still no action or official statements have been announced yet. 

During this extreme terrorist attack on Palestine by Israel. We have seen such events as well, a Facebook page named “Jerusalem” was automatically by Facebook with auto likes from selective accounts that did include some of your friends as well. you might have seen that as well!  

But this time, Muslims across the globe had enough. They showed their power of brotherhood to the entire world by protest and social protests and not only that Facebook suffered way more than expected. 

One of the most installed apps received a 1-star rating with many comments saying their Facebook rating by Pro-Palestine activists is due to censoring hashtags like #FreePalestine #GazaUnderAttack, same goes with Instagram. Social apps are supposed to support all kinds of campaigns whether political, religious, racism, or anything that brings peace to this beautiful world rather than being biased to something that offers more profit to these platforms. It’s totally unacceptable. 

The rating for Facebook’s iOS app on the App Store as of Sunday afternoon was 2.3 stars out of 5, with 1-star ratings far outpacing others. In the Google Play store, the situation was similar; the Android Facebook app had a slightly higher 2.4 rating, with the majority of the reviews 1-star.

According to NBC News,
Facebook is treating the situation as a high-priority issue internally; one software engineer wrote in a post on an internal Facebook message board that “users are upset with our handling of the situation,” adding that the users “have started protesting by leaving 1-star reviews.” Facebook has reached out to have the reviews removed, but so far, Apple has declined the request to remove the reviews. It’s not clear how or if Google responded to the request.

For the past two weeks, this act of terrorism from Israel cost a lot of Palestinian lives irrespective of everything that’s neglected in a bloody war. A lot of public figures across raised their voices that kept this movement going. However, Israel claimed this to be self-defense but it’s an act of terrorism that ended about a day or two. 

Considering this in mind, Instagram and Facebook losing a massive amount of ratings. This will surely affect their whole business model and marketing/advertising campaigns. Other platforms should learn from this example. It takes a whole lifetime to earn authentic reviews and ratings and a few days to lose all. 

Apple – One of the biggest Tech giant, also contributed its part by refusing to remove negative ratings for the Facebook App left by Pro Palestine Activists. A big thumbs up to Apple from Startup Packs Team! 

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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