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Google Assistant Pronunciation Update!

Google Assistant Pronunciation Update

Did Google ever mispronounce your name? Say No More!

Let’s be honest Google Assistant is pathetic when it comes to pronunciation, especially Asian and Arabic names. But now this has been fixed. The tech giant’s recent update will hopefully fix this issue by allowing you to teach it how to pronounce difficult names.  

Google has been improving almost in every department and finally, this odd google pronunciation is going to end with this new update. Currently, this is only available in the English language and soon will come in other languages.

Google also wants you to have more ‘natural conversations’ with Google Assistant, which should become possible thanks to the addition of the search giant’s neural network-based Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) technology. This allows the Assistant to process a whole bunch of words together, rather than one by one.

For example, if you stop mid-sentence and change your mind during a request like, “Ok Google, set a timer for five, no wait, nine minutes,” the Assistant will now know to ignore the first request. This update will come first to alarms and timers.

The voice assistant would also previously run into problems when you had multiple timers on the go, and if you asked to cancel one, it would struggle to know which you were referring to. With the new update, Assistant will be able to infer what you mean when you ask, “Ok Google, cancel my second timer.”

Source: Tech Radar

Google also claims that it has fully rebuilt Assistant’s Natural Language understanding so that it could respond to your alarm and timer request nearly 100% accurately. 

This update currently supports the smartphones operated in the English language in the United States only and will roll into other smartphones and smart displays soon. But for now, there is no indication of global availability yet.

Here’s the complete video tutorial about how it will work. 

Bad news for Asians and Arabs as some of them may get offended when it comes to mispronouncing their names. However, Google is working on that for sure and we will let you know when it will be available globally.

Now that we all understand everything lies behind the screen. So, In the coming future, conversational A.I. is going to change your voice chat experience with smart devices. A.I isn’t a buzzword anymore it’s way bigger than we think.

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