Google IO 2021 – All You Need To Know!

Google IO 2021 - All You Need To Know

Google – The World’s largest platform is all set to achieve its goal to build a more helpful google platform for everyone!

Google IO is an annual developer conference held by Google in Mountain View, California. “I/O” stands for input/output, as well as the slogan “Innovation in the Open”. The event’s format is similar to Google Developer Day.

Last year, the annual Google IO Developer Conference was canceled due to the novel pandemic. A few hours ago the annual conference kicked off with a bunch of exciting announcements for two hours. It was a virtual event where Google executives and project managers showed all of Google’s new features highlighting a helpful google platform for everyone.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Google IO:

Smart Canvas – Docs, Productivity, and Video Calls Together

Get ready for All in one enthusiasm! Smart canvas lets you bring docs sheets and slides all together.

Smart Canvas is a project management application that allows several users to collaborate on documents of various types. They can keep track of progress with checklist items linked to specific dates and individuals, as well as brainstorm ideas in one location.

Google Meet, a video chat site, will be incorporated into Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in the near future. You’ll be able to press the Meet button in the top right corner, and collaborators will appear on video in a column alongside the document to disagree over what gets edited.

Smart Canvas – Be Smart!

Conversations Get More Conversational With LaMDA

A language model for dialogue applications with open-domain which means it’s designed to converse on any topic. While it’s still in research and development, Google has been using it internally to explore novel interactions.

Here, you can clearly see an example of the Google Team having a conversation with LaMDA about Pluto.

Android 12 New “Material YOU” Design

The all-new android 12 is here with a bubbly look. It looks quite clean and minimal in Google Pixel stock android skin. Material YOU a new design that includes you as a co-creator letting you transform the look and feel of all your apps.

Let’s take a look at the new UI for Android that overhauled eveything revamping the way the colour, shapes, lights and motion inspired by YOU yes Material YOU!

Everything About Android 12

Safer with Google – Better Password Manager

Two years ago at IO, Sunder Pichai allow auto delete, Now after 18 months Google will automatically delete your activity data that is now active for over two Billion accounts.

Google has updated its privacy for users, with this new security update will let you know if google detect any of your saved passwords that have become compromised in the third-party breach. If so, you will be able to change passwords for any site right from inside the password manager in just a matter of seconds. Currently, it’s available in some parts of the US and will roll out to your devices in the coming months.

Project Starline – 3D Video Calling Boot

According to CEO Google Sunder Pichai, There’s no substitute for being together with someone, several years ago google kicked off a project to use technology to explore what’s possible.

Project Starline uses high resolution cameras and custom built depth sensors, it captures your shape and appearance from multiple perspectives and also developed a breakthrough light field display that shows you a realistic representation of someone sitting right in front of you in three dimensions.

Distant, But Together!

TPU V4 (Tensor Processing Units)

A single v4 pod contains 4096 v4 chips and each pod has 10x the interconnect bandwidth per chip compare to any other network in technology. The most powerful chip you’ll ever see.

MUM Search Engine

Search engines today cant answer directly because it’s so conversational and nuanced. with this new Google Update, MUM is changing the game with its language understanding capabilities. You’ll find concrete and direct searches according to your preferences.

Google Lens

Around the world, people use lenses to translate over a billion words every day. Now, Google is rolling out a new capability that combines visual translation with educational content from the web.

For instance, you can easily snap a photo of a science problem and Google Lens will provide learning resources in your preferred language.

Learn With Google Lens

Advance Google Maps

With augmented reality, maps are getting more and more useful. Today Google is the only company to implement AR in maps.

Now, you will able to explore the world around you, you’ll be able to excess live view from the map and instantly see details about the shops and restaurants around you including how busy they are. This is possible because google matches what your camera sees, with millions of businesses sharing rich information on Google Maps.

Here is a video explaining the new Google Maps features including virtual streets to help you navigate and many more.

Google Maps: Virtual Street View

Shopping Made Easy With Google

More than a billion times a day people are shopping across Google. Spending money becomes easy with google. With this new update, when you view any screenshot in google photos there will be a suggestion to search the photo with a lens, you will see organic search results that can help you find results and browse similar styles.

Now with Augmented Reality, you’ll be able to shop easily by just knowing what shops are filled with crowd. This new update will help you shop in the easiest possible way!

Shopping Made Easy!

Google’s New “Wear OS”

Wear OS – a versatile smartwatch OS that provides tremendous health features to your wearable gadgets. Google has put a lot of new stuff into this new OS and now in the coming days, you will see Samsung collaborating with Google for a new Galaxy Watch 4 featuring Wear OS.

Google’s New Wear OS

By 2030, Google Try To Obtain Carbon Free Energy

Pollution is one the major problems of this whole world. To reduce that Google aims to operate on Carbon Free Energy everywhere.

Google becomes the first company to implement Carbon Intelligent load shifting across both time and place within Google’s Data Center Network. Sunder Pichai said investments like these are needed to get 24×7 carbon-free energy and also building a new campus to the highest sustainability standards.

Google Aims To Operate Carbon Free Energy

Over the past year, we have seen how technology can be used to help billions of people through the most difficult of times, it has made us more committed than ever to our goal of building a more helpful Google for everyone!

Sunder PichaiCEO Google

More Tech Stuff Awaiting For You!

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