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Google is developing its first in-house smartwatch which might arrive in 2022

We might see a Pixel Smartwatch in 2022!

Google is developing its first in-house smartwatch which might arrive in 2022

According to a source, a fresh claim from Insider says that Google is finally developing its own in-house wristwatch, which will be available in 2022.

While Google has been producing its own smartphones under the Pixel brand for years (that has since expanded to include other accessories such as wireless headphones), the company has never produced its own smartwatch, despite the fact that Google has had a companion wearable platform for Android since 2014.

The device (code named “Rohan”) is being developed independently of Fitbit, which Google purchased for $2.1 billion earlier this year. 

According to Insider, the new upcoming Google watch — it’s unclear whether Google will actually call it a “Pixel Watch” yet — will serve much the same role for Android as the Pixel phones do: an example for both consumers and hardware partners of what Google’s software is truly capable of when given the right hardware. According to The Verge’s source, the device would cost more than a Fitbit and will compete more directly with the Apple Watch.

The watch will have basic fitness monitoring functions such as step counting and a heart rate sensor, and Google is apparently working on launching a Fitbit integration into Wear OS (code named “Nightlight”) with the new watch when it releases.

Google is now in the process of reinventing their wearable platform with Wear OS 3. Unlike previous versions of Wear OS (or Android Wear), Wear OS 3 was created in collaboration with Samsung, incorporating the Tizen platform into Google’s own. However, Wear OS 3 has only been released on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, which runs a substantially modified version of the new operating system that foregoes most of Google’s services and applications in favor of Samsung’s own.

Source: The Verge

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Google’s competitor Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Watch Series will be completely different from its predecessors. It will run via Wear OS with One U.I skin for watches. Its predecessors were powered by Tizen OS which Samsung recently ditched for Google Wear OS

Samsung’s latest One U.I will maintain the appearance of Samsung’s applications. The rotating bezel ring is still present in the classic “Wise” edition, which will please fans of the design.

We may also see a new smartwatch from Facebook; the firm intends to release a smartwatch with two cameras, which might be the world’s first ever smartwatch to feature two cameras.

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