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Google Pixel 6 – It’s Official!

Google Pixel 6 - Its Official

Google Pixel 6 Pro. One of the most awaited phone is here!

Welcome to another huge google leak day we have got our first official final look that confirms a lot of things but most importantly it confirms the Pixel 6 Pro.

The design we just saw a few days ago before we talk about that is actually happening a new camera sensor for Pixel 6 Pro. Why is this a big deal? because it’s in the trend almost every smartphone company is following this trend.

Google pixel image processing has been their strongest weapon. Up until Pixel 3, they kept their top position as the best smartphone camera for photos. The nightside absolutely shocked everyone when it first came out but after that google should have upgraded their sensor Hence they fell off from the flagship landscape. Some other leaks have pointed towards a strong zoom camera setup with more than 2x zoom.

The images reveal the presence of three camera sensors onboard the Pixel 6 models. One of the sensors is noticeably a periscope lens. There is what looks like a fourth sensor which the source says is a Spectral/Flicker Sensor.

According to Jon Prosser’s render, Pixel 6 series camera will be housed in a wider module that extends from the left to the right sides and aligned horizontally. This is different from the square-shaped design on the previous models.

But this might just be the greatest smartphone comeback. It’s going to be the most insane Google phone ever. We will see all the good stuff like 120hz Refresh Rate, Super-Bright High-Quality Display, and for the first time ever a Google Silicon in the game. Good Bye Qualcomm! The models are also expected to arrive with an under-display fingerprint ready. Details of the specs are sketchy at this point but we expect the rumor mill to keep buzzing with new details concerning the Pixel 6. Google Silicon should have happened a long time ago but better late than never! This is the right time.

Talking about the design of Google Pixel 6. it comes with a middle punch-hole camera design with thin bezels it has the same time as we saw on the Pixel 6 renders with leak pixel 6 images. Google is bringing a new UI design that looks really beautiful. there will be a brand new wallpaper-based theme engine along with the best security that android has ever had.

We have to wait for a long time to get our hands on this device. As usual later in the year. it is expected in the month of October 2021 even late than iPhone 13 family but by the time it comes out the two bog rivals, Samsung and Apple will be out. The iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Since we already know, there won’t be Note 21 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the only flagship of 2021 from Samsung.

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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