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How To Delete A Page In MS Word 2022 Quickly & Easily?

How To Delete A Page In MS Word 2020 Quickly & Easily

Wondering how to get rid of the word for word? An empty white space that looks really bad can be difficult whether you are writing, sharing, or documents, etc.

How To Delete A Page With Word?

Step 1: First of All Select the page you want to delete

The first step in removing the page is verifying that it has been selected. The last thing you want to do is remove the error. You can either scroll through the page or use the Go To function (Ctrl + G for Windows, Option + CMD + G for MacOS).

Once you have found a page, click or tap any of it to select it.

Step 2: Select the whole page

It may sound like you’ve already done this step, but this is done so that Word knows you want to delete the entire page, not some of its content. Open Go To function (Ctrl + G, or Option + CMD + G if you’re on a Mac) and type a page in the Page Number box. Then select Go to (or press Enter on your keyboard) and follow Close.

How To Delete A Page In MS Word 2020 Quickly & Easily

Step 3: Delete the page

Check again that you have selected the entire page you want to delete, then press the Delete button.

How To Delete A Page On A Mac?

You can delete a blank page at the end of your document, or blank sections or page breaks, by displaying paragraph marks.

Press ⌘ + 8 to show paragraph marks.

How To Delete A Page In MS Word 2020 Quickly & Easily

To delete blank paragraphs, select the paragraph marker and delete it.

Enter the paragraphs at the top of the Word page

How To Delete A Page In MS Word 2020 Quickly & Easily

What you need to do to remove page splits manually, is select page breaks and delete.

The page breaks at the bottom of the Word page

How To Remove Page Splits In Word?

Page break is an invisible marker that separates one page from Microsoft Word from the next. This formatting feature allows text to flow smoothly from one page to the next. If you want to print a document, the printer uses a page break to know where the first page ends and the second page has started.

Remove the page from Word using the navigation window

Select the View tab and tick the box next to the Navigation Window.

Select the blank page icon located in the left panel and press the delete key to remove that page from the list.

Remove white space from Word When Using Tables or Images

Each time a table is set in a Word text, a small space is added under it. If a table sits at the end of the doc and forces a section on a new page, it becomes difficult to remove that blank page or white space. To get around the table setting problem, try one or both of the methods below.

How To Delete A Page In MS Word 2020 Quickly & Easily

Right-click the paragraph mark next to the space you want to delete, and then manually type the lowest font size (usually 1 pt). This step reduces the empty line at the bottom to give more space to the page.

How To Delete A Page In MS Word 2020 Quickly & Easily

If Step 2 does not work, change the category spaces by going to Line and Paragraph Space under the Paragraph section and select Remove Space After Paragraph.

How To Delete A Blank Page In Word 2016?

Most people have already worked with software, written a letter, created invitations, or reassembled a resume. Therefore, most users are able to delete the page content. As with most other programs, any content can also be deleted in the backspace or by removing the keys. But can you also delete a blank page? Yes, the Word has a solution to this.

Deleting a blank page in Word – Why You need to delete that unwanted Blank Page?

Usually, when writing documents, anything you need to remove can be removed with a backspace key. This way you can delete individual letters, full words, or full paragraphs from a document. But sometimes the whole page has to go. For example, a page with no content may enter your text. Sometimes, empty pages appear only at the end, sometimes in the middle. In any case, it can sometimes be more difficult than it seems to delete this blank page from Word. In some cases, you need to delete all content pages, because you are no longer satisfied with the text.

Quick Bonus Tip:

The Control + G function is a quick way to delete an entire page, including any content on that particular page. Insert the cursor into the page you intend to delete and select Control + G simultaneously on your keyboard. A task window will appear. Type \ box in the box under Go To and the page will be removed immediately.

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