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How To Fix The “Last Line No Longer Available” On iPhone

How To Fix The Last Line No Longer Available On iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, there is a probability that you may come across this notification.

“Last Line No Longer Available, do you want to call using your remaining line.”

This article will help you out in resolving your problem. Here, you’ll learn about the different methods to deal with such a situation.

The iPhone dual sim models include iPhone XS, XS Max,  XR, or later with iOS 12.1 detects this issue when you are making calls. It is mainly due to e-sim bug action on its operating system.

What Does “Last Line No Longer Available” Mean?

It is the error that usually faces the mentioned iPhone model users. The line no longer available notification means you can’t contact the number you are dialing with the accessible Sim card. Also, it suggests the remaining line to proceed or make your call.

Though, without using your sim card, you can’t call anyone. It means the sim card is not workable, and there is no network connection available.

How To Fix “Last Line No Longer Available” In iPhone 13?

When the notification of last line availability suddenly arises on your iPhone whenever you try to make a call, this is the moment when you get annoyed but don’t worry; you can fix it quickly.

Surely, if you have these mentioned iPhone sets, you’ll be searching for a convenient way to combat them. So, here your search ends; we have put down below the methods to bring back your phone on track.

1. Phone Updates

Sometimes and for some users need to update their phones to fix the last line issue. This situation may emerge when your phone software needs an update. So, to check and fix it, follow the below details.

Open your phone “Settings” and press on the “General” then check the “Software Updates.” If updates are available, go for it to resolve this issue.

2. Power Off Your Phone

Sometimes the issue can be eradicated by restarting your iPhone.

Press your phone on/off(side) button, and when the option pops up on your screen, slide to power off it.

Now, wait for a few seconds, then turn it on again. Now, you can call anyone as the notification will not appear.

3. Clear Your Phone’s Call Logs

The last line no longer available issue can settle down by clearing your call logs. It mostly works if you are using only one line and your sim has not been enabled.

Open “Phone Apps”, then go to the “Recent” and then press the tap edit option. Here press on “Clear” and then “Clear All Recents” to delete all.

However, make sure you have a backup of all this data as this procedure permanently deletes the logs.

Further, this method proves workable for many users.

4. Reset Network Settings

If the line is not accessible on your iPhone, sometimes it is the indication that there is a software proceeding problem. Thus the reset of settings will be enough to handle this.

In order to reset, open your “mobile settings” and go to “General”. Here, tap on the option “Reset” and then to “Reset Settings”.

Additionally, you don’t need to backup your stuff because it doesn’t clear your phone data.

5. Force Reset

Another is the force reset method, which will also help you to solve the last line notification problem.

For this, you have to press the volume up button of your iPhone and release it hastily.

Now tap and hold the slide button and release it when the recovery-mode screen or Apple logo emerges on your screen.

6. Turn Off Find Contacts

It proves workable for some iPhone users, so you can also try it if you are still on your problem.

Firstly, open your phone’s settings and go to Contacts and then disable the option of “Find Contacts in Other Apps.”

Some Other Methods To Fix “Last Line No Longer Available”

There are two other ways through which you can try the available last line on your iPhone. Although we are not sure about these methods very well, it works for some users.

7. Reinstall Your Sim Card

Sometimes sim card reinstalling helps you to remove this notification. Simply find the sim card tray and inject the sim ejector in the tiny hole beside the tray to open it.

After removing the sim card, insert it again, close the sim tray, and try to make the call again.

8. Try With Airplane Mode

The most instant way to get rid of last line availability trouble is to handle it with airplane mode.

To turn it on, swipe upward from the bottom of the screen. A menu with different icons will pop up on your screen.

Here, tap on the small airplane icon to turn on this profile. When it gets orange, it means this mode is enabled now.

Wait for a few seconds and then tap on it again to switch it off. Now, check the error if it is still there or not. Sometimes, this method instantly eradicates the error and allows the user to use the option.

9. Contact Apple Care

Lastly, if you have no option left, consider asking directly to Apple Care.

Although all described ways are sufficient to fix the last line notification; however, if still (rarely) you are facing any difficulty regarding it, you can freely contact Apple care.

Here you’ll get further guidance on how you can deal with your problem and the process to eliminate it.


In this writing, we have provided you with all the possible ways to deal with the last line impediment when you come across it while making calls on the iPhone-mentioned models.

The last line no longer available is basically a company error, and there is no official method to deal with it. However, you can utilize any of the written methods ( which suits your iPhone) and freely enjoy your iPhone.

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