iOS 14.5 Is Out, Face ID With Masks Apple’s Tracking Transparency.

iOS 14.5 Is Out Face ID With Masks & Apples Tracking Transparency

The biggest security update and has some unique features such as New Siri Voices and a fancy Face ID that lets you unlock your phone even wearing your mask. How cool is that right!

Facebook and Apple have been heating up because of Apple’s new tracking feature in iOS 14.5. The biggest feature of this iOS update we all have been waiting for. This feature introduced for iPhones and iPad allows users to say no to having their data collected by apps.

Facebook has been put into a spin. This security update blows up their whole business model by allowing the user to be in command. Facebook will lose a lot of money from this update as Apple users are in huge numbers. Apple respects your privacy. Eh!

Jane Wakefield from BBC News Enlightens us more about this whole data privacy.

What’s it about?

The row focuses on a unique device identifier on every iPhone and iPad, called the IDFA (identifier for advertisers). Companies which sell mobile ads, including Facebook, use this IDFA to both target ads and estimate their effectiveness.

The IDFA can also be paired with other tech, such as Facebook’s tracking pixels or tracking cookies, which follow users around the web, to learn even more about you.

But when iOS 14.5 comes out this week, the new App Tracking Transparency feature will be on by default. It will force app developers to explicitly ask for permission from users to use this IDFA.

Surveys suggest, and Facebook acknowledges, that up to 80% will say no.

If you want to know how much Facebook already tracks you on other sites and apps, there’s a helpful tool on Facebook.

Why is Apple doing this?

Apple has little interest in its customers’ data because it makes money from selling devices and in-app purchases, rather than from advertising. Plus it has always marketed itself as a privacy-first company.

Lew Discusses About How Apple Will Crush Facebook Business Model!

Back in 2010, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs acknowledged that some people didn’t care about how much data they shared, but said they should always be informed of how it was being used. He said.

“Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for, in plain English and repeatedly… ask them, ask them every time,”

More recently, in what many saw as a thinly-veiled reference to Facebook, current chief executive Tim Cook said:

“If a business is built on misleading users, on data exploitation, on choices that are no choices at all, it does not deserve our praise. It deserves reform.”

Apple is baking privacy into its systems. Its browser Safari already blocks third-party cookies by default, and last year Apple forced app providers in iOS to spell out in the App Store listings what data they collect.

Since the arrival of the update, Users will in hurry to install this update as early as possible but remember, there may be some crashes and fixes that need to improve time after time. So, be patient!

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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