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iPhone 13 Camera, Specs And, Most Intriguing Rumors

iPhone 13 Camera, Specs And, Most Intriguing Rumors

iPhone 13 – The most awaited phone is about to come and we got some intriguing rumors about this phone.

Since we already know about iPhone 13 Design. Let’s discuss its specifications. Will it be a beauty and a beast? Let the rumors decide. Talk about its camera. It’s coming up with some improvements to its previous models iPhone 12, 12 Mini & 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Pro Max has some amazing cameras that impressed us hugely. With its multiple lenses, we were able to click photos and shoot videos professionally. With its night, you can click good quality pictures at night without any expense of losing picture quality. Not only 12 Pro Max but their cheapest model iPhone 12 mini has great sensors as well. This shows the commitment of Apple towards camera quality which is no doubt consider to be the best.

Now, What else was missing in iPhone 12? Guess what! it was the improved wide-angle lens in the camera department. At the moment the aperture of the super-wide on the iPhone 12 is f2.4. Now, according to MacRumors, the aperture will be f1.8 on the next model. The smaller the aperture number, the more light the lens lets in, resulting in better-looking images, particularly in low light. The report also suggests that this upgrade will be common across all iPhone 13 models, not just the more expensive Pro line.

The above report also suggested that some of the specs of the current top-end iPhone 12 Pro Max would move down the range onto the regular iPhone 13 and Pro. In particular, the longer 2.5x telephoto zoom. 

iPhone 12 Night mode is better but when it comes to super-wide night shots, it sucks! During Cnet did testing of night shots of iPhone with Samsung and Pixel 5 and they found out that the iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn’t do well at taking super-wide night shots. Apple will definitely improve its super-wide night shots in iPhone 13.

It’s also possible that the lidar feature for improved depth sensing currently only available on the 12 Pro models would be available on the entire iPhone 13 range. It will also have a huge camera bump that will allow the lenses to sit flush with the surface, rather than protruding out as they currently do.


In terms of Display, it was missing the most hyped feature i.e. High Refresh Rate. Nowadays even a budget android phone has this feature of 90Hz or 120Hz Refresh Rate that makes the user experience better. It’s like an addiction, once you use the 90Hz or 120Hz panel you won’t be liking the old school 60Hz displays.

With its bigger battery capacity than the previous models it is definitely coming up with Higher Refresh Rate.

The new A15 Bionic chip! Yes, some reports also suggest that it will equip the newest A15 Bionic chip which is the most powerful chipset right now. With its optimized iOS, this phone definitely sounds a beast with beauty!

The expected date of its arrival is not revealed yet but we believe it will out somewhere in September 2021.

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