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iPhone 14’s front-facing camera will be supplied for the first time by a South Korean company

Apple paid triple for these new supply units!

iPhone 14's front-facing camera will be supplied for the first time by a South Korean company

According to reports, Apple will use the South Korean supplier’s front-facing camera in the upcoming iPhone 14. This would be the first time Apple used an outsider’s front camera instead of a Chinese company.

The iPhone 14 now has a high-end camera from LG Innotek, and the same was previously rumored for the iPhone 15, which is expected to launch in 2023 with many significant changes.

According to Korean IT News, iPhone decided on May 22nd that it would no longer use a Chinese supplier for its iPhone’s front camera.

According to Korean IT News, the unit cost of iPhone 14 front-facing cameras has tripled compared to previous models due to camera improvements with new features.

LG Innotek has already established contact with the company. It provides Apple with high-end back cameras for iPhones and has now conquered the supply of front-facing lenses.

Tech Viral reported that Apple paid triple for these new supply units, so there could be a perfect reason, such as the new camera functionality suggested earlier by Ming-Chi Kuo. Although this may not be the news that Apple users expected, the end result will be paid for by the consumers who will eventually purchase these devices.

And there are some rumors about rear cameras, such as its camera bumper, which LG Innotek supplies, so we expect an excellent lens from the company, and this doubt will be cleared up after the iPhone 14 launch.

Originally, Chinese manufacturers and Japan’s Sharp were the main suppliers for the iPhone’s front camera. The front camera is one-third of the unit price of the rear-facing camera. It had been regarded a low-cost part. The South Korean parts industry have mainly tried to enter the supply chain for iPhone’s rear-facing camera.


9to5Mac further stated on why Apple will now use LG Innotek for the iPhone 14 series:

  • LG Innotek is slated to benefit greatly. Following the rear-facing camera, they have now emerged as a key supplier for front cameras. They are expected to make trillions in sales just from iPhone 14 front camera orders alone.
  • In addition to modules, LG Innotek has internalized some key optical parts such as Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) parts, camera PCBs, and actuators. Until now, LG Innotek’s partners have supplied the optical parts, which were then assembled into modules by LG, before being supplied to Apple.

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