Microsoft Gifts “$1500 Pandemic Bonus” To The Employees

Employee day has been passed but looks like today is an employee day at Microsoft!

A memo was seen by The Verge that Microsoft’s chief people officer, Kathleen Hogan, announced the gift to employees today.

According to the statistics reported by The Verge, Microsoft has 175,508 employees worldwide, but LinkedIn, GitHub, and ZeniMax employees are not eligible for the bonus, despite Microsoft owning these three separate companies. It’s a gift of around $200 million, or less than two days’ worth of profit for Microsoft. Around 60 percent of Microsoft’s employees are located in the company’s home country the United States.

It will apply to all eligible employees in both the US and internationally. Microsoft is gifting this bonus to all staff below the corporate vice president level that started on or before March 31st, 2021, including part-time workers and those on hourly rates.

The company says,

This one-time bonus is in recognition of the unique and challenging fiscal year that Microsoft just completed.

This past year has been difficult for everyone, from multiple business owners, part-time workers, full-time workers, you name it has suffered badly from this pandemic. A few international companies have supported their employees and Microsoft is one of them.

On other hand, many great tech giants and social media companies have a major contribution. Facebook has also donated $1000 dollars to 45000 employees. Amazon’s $ 300-holiday bonus for frontline workers, and BT gifting its 60,000 employees $2,000 each. Vox Media, popular for its amazing content also gifted employees a $1,000 bonus late last year.

Still, Microsoft is on top of donating millions of dollars towards this humanitarian act. The company is not only running Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, recently Mr. Warren Buffer resigned from this foundation, a few weeks after the couple announced their divorce but apart from their foundation, they are spending well on other organizations as well. Microsoft has a great focus on health as well, the company has bought a company named Nuance to focus on health care technology.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic began, Microsoft says the company has contributed “more than $98 million in aid to charities in Washington state,” with promises to invest an additional $60 million by July. Microsoft has made at least $160 billion in income since the epidemic began, owing to a combination of companies migrating to cloud services with an increase in laptop sales as well as an increase in windows usage.

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