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Samsung Decided To Continue Their Note Series. But Wait… What?

“Long Live Note Series” But there’s a good news and a bad news.

On January 3, 2021, Samsung claimed to discontinue the Note and Note S series as their sale projections fell quite badly. Reason? Discontinuing the production of the Note series may be a cost-saving measure to revamp the sales traffic and overall outlook of the company for 2021.

Now, it seems like there’s a change of plan. A few hours ago, Samsung CEO Dong-jin Ko, head of the information technology and mobile communications (IM) division of Samsung officially confirms that there will be no Samsung Note series device this year. But in the future, they will stick to their Note Series in 2022.

Samsung CEO Koh Dong-Jin, head of the information technology and mobile communications (IM) division of Samsung Electronics at the company’s 52nd shareholders’ meeting said,

“Galaxy Note is an important product category to us that has been continuously loved by consumers for the past 10 years in the global market. The S Pen user experience is an area that Samsung’s mobile business has worked harder on than anybody else. Their launch timing may be different, but we will make sure that we don’t let Galaxy Note consumers down. The S Pen was implemented on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and it’s difficult for the company to launch the Note series in the second half of the year. The disparity between the supply of parts and demand on the Information technology (IT) side is severe. We are checking the parts supply problem every morning. It is difficult to say that it is 100% resolved. It is a bit of a problem in the second quarter. We will report as a result so that there is no business disruption.”

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first Galaxy S-series phone to support the S Pen and was launched in January this year, alongside the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21+.

Unfortunately, we are not going to see Note Series in the second half of 2021 as the S pen implementation in the S series has directly impacted the existence of the Samsung Note Series. But in 2022 things might go back to how they were. However, there will not be Note 21 Ultra but Note 22 Ultra.

Looks like DJ Koh has listened to the customers of the Note Series. Pretty wild news for Samsung Note Lovers. They are considered as one of the loyal customers for this legendary lineup which has been around for 10 years.

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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