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Samsung Galaxy S22 – Something Special!

Samsung Galaxy S22 - Something Special

Samsung Galaxy is back in action! 
Samsung could be bringing its next big camera update. They will absolutely blow your mind. The Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra has several new technologies that we haven’t seen before. 

Ice Universe just dropped a bug bombshell of leaks. Samsung bringing the strongest zoom camera setup on any smartphone via Continuous Zoom Setup. A continuous zoom setup camera is similar to the zoom quality of a DSLR camera that allows you to seamlessly zoom without losing any quality. It’s happening on an actual smartphone! 

This completely fixes the limitations we have seen on the zoom setup of the S21 ultra. On s21 Ultra the zoom only kicks in up to a certain level. 
For example up to 3x or up to 10x.

In between those numbers, Samsung is using hybrid software technology, to get rid of extra noise to get that detail but obviously, the result isn’t all that good. Just to have two focal lenses, they had to implement two different telephoto lenses. 

According to Ice Universe, if all goes well! Samsung will fix this once in for all. It is expected this continuous zoom will go from 3x, all the way up to 10x seamlessly and it will be all-optical which means you are not going to lose quality on any of the numbers in between. This tech will be miles away from the competition and it’s going to absolutely blow your mind. 

Back then, Smartphone companies have done this experiment before. Talking about vintage smartphone company Sony actually did this on their Sony Xperia 1 III. It goes from 2x range to 4x range without losing any quality. But Samsung is experimenting to bring 3x all the way up to 10x to cover that extreme range. 

Check out Sony Xperia 1 III Camera!

Apart from the world’s strongest continuous zoom setup on a smartphone, Samsung is looking to bring under-display cameras. This is something that we are already seeing on Z Fold 3. It’s officially confirmed in some recent leaks. 

By the time S22 Ultra comes out. Samsung will already be on its next-generation under-display camera tech. We are super excited to see how this mechanism works behind under-display cameras. 

After Samsung x Olympus, Samsung collaborates with another well-known brand, and Samsung x AMD will finally happen. For the first time, We will see AMD GPU inside a smartphone with the Exynos 2200 processor. 

S22 Ultra bringing some crazy gains to the table. This zoom setup will be a truly innovative move for the smartphone industry Galaxy S22 series will be announced in 2022 while Exynos 2200 processors will be announced later this year!

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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