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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Ditching Tizen For Wear OS!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - Ditching Tizen For Wear OS

Samsung Galaxy Watch launched its series in 2018 and since then Galaxy watches are considered as one of the premium smartwatches in the tech gadgets category.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch will come in three unique variants that will enhance your style whether you wanna look classy, sporty, or go for a sporty look. All three models are code-named as “Wise,” “Fresh,” and “Lucky”. They will run via Wear OS with One U.I skin for watches. Samsung’s latest One U.I will maintain the appearance of Samsung’s applications. The rotating bezel ring is still present on the classic “Wise” edition, which will please fans of the design. The Galaxy Watch 4 will also come with a new walkie-talkie feature that will allow users to interact with each other using voice clips.

This leak isn’t the first time “Wise” and “Fresh” have appeared in the world of Samsung gadgets. Max Weinbach spotted both codenames inside the Galaxy Wearable APK back in March,

One rumor also suggests an upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartwatch will have a glucometer to measure the wearer’s blood sugar with bigger batteries. It’s unclear if this is for the Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch Active 3, or both.

A few things that we can predict. Based on previous models, it’s likely that the Galaxy Watch 4 will be available in two different sizes, optionally come with LTE, and in all cases come with a heart rate monitor, an ECG, GPS, and a circular AMOLED screen.

Previous Galaxy watch models have relied on Tizen OS. But now Samsung has decided to ditch Tizen and opt for Wear OS. Now you might wonder… What’s this wear OS? When did Samsung start wearing an OS? Wear OS, Google has adapted Android for smartwatches. It’s a software platform designed to bring everything you know and love about Android phones to smartwatches, though Wear OS devices can pair with not only Android phones but also iOS devices – something Apple’s watchOS doesn’t offer.

There’s a complete list of watches that work with Wear OS:

  • Fossil Sport. The best in Wear OS. …
  • TicWatch Pro 3. The watch with two screens. …
  • TicWatch E2. One of the cheapest Wear OS watches. …
  • Fossil Gen 5. Classic watch aesthetic. …
  • TicWatch S2. Remarkably similar to the E2. …
  • Misfit Vapor 2. A revamped watch from the fitness experts. …
  • TicWatch C2. Yet another TicWatch on this list. …
  • Huawei Watch 2.

According to TechRadar, The latest leaks to hit the web suggest it’ll be in the second quarter of 2021, so April, May, or June. Whenever it’s announced, it will probably be another two weeks or so from then to when it’s actually released, so don’t expect to have the Galaxy Watch 4 on your wrist before late August.

As far as the price is concerned there are no rumors yet but it might well be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which starts at $399 / £399 / AU$649 for the smaller 41mm model, and $429 / £419 / AU$699 for the larger 45mm one, with the price rising in both cases if you want LTE connectivity.

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