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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Might Have Rotating Cameras!

Galaxy Flip phones are in trend with awesome design and unorthodox camera unit.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Might Have Rotating Cameras!

Samsung Galaxy Flip series is considered as one of the most unique series and the most expensive in the world of smartphones. Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be more than that. It’s expected to have a bigger screen with a rotating camera unit. Meanwhile, the predecessor Galaxy Z Flip 3 is expected to arrive on August 11.

A Samsung patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and spotted by LetsGoDigital, details a clamshell phone that looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The camera unit consists of a dual-lens setup with a hinge. that will let you use those cameras when the phone is even closed. The cover screen will show you the camera display. Galaxy Z Flip 4 looks quite similar to its predecessor i,e Galaxy Z Flip 3 but with a bigger screen and rotating cameras.

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Rotating cameras ain’t no big deal in 2021, a lot of smartphone companies have done this a long time ago, in 2013, OPPO launched the first-ever smartphone OPPO N1 with rotating cameras. Now, there are many like Samsung A80, Asus Zenfone 6, and some other too.

But, it is a big deal when it comes to flippable phones. They are a bit fragile and with that camera mechanism embedded, it sounds like something out of the box! This patent represents the concept of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

This design looks awesome and the camera unit has multiple benefits. you can rotate the camera module to take high-quality selfies plus it will also benefit you to shoot high-resolution videos. Now you can click images and shoot videos just like you’re holding a torch. Even you can use this as a Spy camera. Don’t do that!

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According to Tech Radar, Samsung is rumored to be using an in-screen selfie camera for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, so we’d think it’s more likely that the company will continue down that path – making the camera components less visible and prominent, not more so. The company is expected to innovate more in cameras, recently they have launched Samsung’s New ISOCELL JN1 – The Smallest 50MP Sensor. Not only that, they have also collaborated with Olympus for their upcoming flagship series.

Although, the design looks awesome. it helps well in practicality. But one thing is for sure, not all patents are converted into products. Keep that in mind! There is no certainty if this will happen or not. But we all know the upcoming big thing in smartphones is to hide cameras totally to maximize screen-to-body ratio with skin and sexy designs and Tech Giants are up for that. So, expect the unexpected!

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