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Samsung Hiring Apple Engineers Whereas, Nuvia Joins Qualcomm

Samsung Hiring Apple Engineers Whereas, Nuvia Joins Qualcomm

We have seen many collaborations in the past between tech giants like Samsung X Olympus, Samsung X Google and many more. According to South Korean media, Samsung is in contact with several engineers that have worked with apple and in past.

This might be the closest collaboration between Samsung and Apple. But this is huge, One of the apple engineers that Samsung has in contact with the mastermind behind Apple’s custom chips. If this happens successfully, then Samsung could introduce its brand new architecture.

The reason behind this move is because Samsung isn’t satisfied with the performance of its Cortex-X core series. Samsung used to have their own custom design CPU the mongoose cores. That was the biggest mistake they made that made their flagship processor Exynos 990 a flop.

Samsung has been using its own Exynos branded chips to power its Galaxy smartphones since 2016. As for Apple, the iPhone maker began ditching off-the-shelf designs from ARM in favor of its custom ones, a process that started with the original iPad and iPhone 4 in 2010. Apple has been using ARM’s custom CPU designs until the iPhone 5s, which debuted the A7 chip featuring Apple’s first fully custom CPU cores based on the ARM instruction set.

We hope that if Samsung is bringing their own custom design, it has to be on the top level. Not just Samsung, Even Qualcomm is rumored to introduce their brand new CPU design after they acquired a company named Nuvia that was founded by Apple employees who have actually worked in Apple A14 as well as Apple M1 chips.

The Apple M1 is an ARM-based system on a chip (SoC) designed by Apple Inc. as a central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) for its Macintosh computers and iPad Pro tablets. It was inspired by their Apple A14 Bionic chip. Apple M1 in its class is the absolute fastest chips in laptop and if Samsung manages to bring both minds into its own team, then it’s actually gonna get pretty intense.

According to reports, Samsung might be discontinuing their Galaxy Z Fold 2 because they are always bringing the next big thing i.e Galaxy Z Fold 3. For a brief moment, Galaxy Z Fold 2 was pulled off from Samsung’s website but now it’s actually back in stock and Samsung will be selling for the time and eventually, it will get replaced with Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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