Samsung X Google? Expect The Unexpected!

Samsung X Google Expect The Unexpected

It seems like the love between Samsung and Google is getting deeper and deeper and deeper. From Foldable pixel phone to Google Pixel 6 possible camera and processor development plus how can we forget Samsung ditching Tizen OS after six years just for google. Now it seems like Samsung is developing a processor for Google. And it’s now what you think!

According to et. news, Samsung is developing a brand new chip for Google’s upcoming self-driving car. Further mentions Samsung will mention its latest tech to develop MPU, CPU, and GPU for this self-driving car.

This chip development for Google self-driving cars is set to be on the same scale as the Tesla chip development project. This is huge news. In the future, just like Google, we are going to see more self-driving cars from other brands including Apple.

It seems like Samsung has secured a golden opportunity for the future. If Samsung is about to design chips for Google self-driving cars. Samsung will design google smartphone chips in the future as well. Speaking of Google smartphones, Google Pixel 6 is definitely one of the most awaited phones this year.

Android 12 source code continues to spill beans regarding the future Pixel 6. Previously the software code revealed that the punch hole camera in Google Pixel 6 is moving towards the center just like Samsung devices and the front camera will be able to shoot 4k videos, which is for the first time in google phones. And now thanks to the android 12 development preview. We will be seeing an in-display fingerprint scanner for the first time on a pixel flagship phone. Last year Google Pixel 5 was impressive as well. Seems like Google Pixel 6 design will get even better.

Also, the news seems like BOE has finally secured a deal with Samsung. According to the industry, Samsung is planning to apply BOE flexible OLED panels to some models of the Galaxy M series scheduled to be released in the second half of this year. This is probably the first time we will be seeing BOE’s OLED display on Samsung’s smartphones. The Galaxy M Series consists of super-budget Samsung phones. Samsung is definitely playing safe. If all goes well we will see BOE display in Samsung mid-range smartphones.

A fan edition phone will be coming later down the year. According to one of the leakers on Twitter, Samsung will be kicking off Galaxy S21 Fan Edition development in a couple of weeks. Previously rumors circulated regarding Galaxy Note 20 FE but now it has been confirmed that we will see Galaxy S21 Fan Edition later down this year.

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