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Top 13 Tech Youtubers You Must Subscribe To In 2022

Top 13 Tech Youtubers You Must Subscribe To In 2021

Worldwide, video content dominates. With video popularity, Youtube, a video-based platform has gone up and up. When someone talks about a video, you probably think of Youtube.

So far, we all use it to get entertainment or to watch lovely cat videos. But now it has become a recommendation platform.

With 1.86 billion users, Youtube influences 60% of all purchases. It is the highest percentage as compared to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Many YouTubers have popped up in the last few years. The tech YouTubers talk about updates, tech business ideas, and the best products to spend money on.

I’ve provided you with a list of 13 tech YouTubers that you can follow each day for your daily tech fix. Their content will be able to guide you when choosing your next purchase.

Tech Youtubers With The Most subscribers

For your prime experience, we will look for the most influential, the most creative, and the most subscribed tech YouTubers. 

1. Unbox Therapy 18.1 M

Top 13 Tech Youtubers You Must Subscribe In 2021

Lewis Hilsenteger is a tech YouTuber with the most subscribers. Showing off every kind of device to his millions of subscribers, Unbox Therapy has all kinds of tech stuff. A four-dollar smartphone, gaming massage chairs, and even a stun gun iPhone case. 

His content can get ridiculous but is always entertaining. Lewis also likes to show the latest and greatest developments.

Stuff that has sometimes ridiculously powerful specs but he always has a laugh or two along the way. The teammates that have been built around him are as many characters on his channels as he is.

Lewis has remained one of the most recognizable and consistent tech unboxing channels on YouTube. He’ll undoubtedly end up on your suggested list at some point. 

2. Marques Brownlee 14.7 M

Marques Brownlee started making videos in 2009 when he was a high school student. Marques has been called the best technology reviewer on the planet for many good reasons.

He provides comprehensive, educational, and exceptional tech videos. He has a history of interviewing leading personalities in the tech industry like Elon Musk, Bill Gates.

No matter how complex the subject matter is, you will find him amazing. He is not only the best tech YouTuber but also an amazing guy we all can relate to.

Brownlee started as a small tech YouTuber, reviewing the products already possessed by him. Now companies covet his smart annual smartphone award. 

3. Linus Tech Tips 13.9 M 

Top 13 Tech Youtubers You Must Subscribe In 2021

The group behind the Linus media group is the content creating machine. They are posting 17 videos across 5 different channels every week.

Linus Sebastian, the founder has been creating videos since 2007. He created tutorials, discussions, and breakdowns of new and old tech. He mostly focuses on computers. 

Linus is one of the greatest tech YouTubers of all time. He has got a video for every tech thing you can imagine. His catalog is vast. If you want to set up something, he has usually got a video on his tech YouTube channel to help. 

Whether it is overclocking your PC, reviewing graphics cards, building Minecraft, or accidentally setting your office on fire. Linus is bound to pop up in your YouTube recommendations eventually. 

4. Crazy Russian Hacker 11.5M

Top 13 Tech Youtubers You Must Subscribe In 2021

Taras Kulakov is a Russian tech YouTuber. This crazy Russian hacker has a long history on YouTube. Crazy Russian Hacker is his third YouTube channel. 

He uploaded his first video on this channel in 2012. Back at that time, he focused on simple life tricks, experiments, and challenges. Then, he completely shifted his content to the tech product review. 

His videos do exactly do what he says in thumbnails. Sure enough, he proceeds to use products without any preamble, fancy shots, or needless filler.

His videos are worth every second of your time.

5. Mrwhosetheboss 8.37M

Top 13 Tech Youtubers You Must Subscribe In 2021

Arun Maini, a tech YouTuber has been captivating the audience since 2011. He is a relaxing, soothing, challenged, and charming character. 

 His tech YouTube channel hosts a lot of discussion regarding the difference between modern phone brands and shocking advancements in the tech industry.

He has come a long way since he started his tech YouTube channel. Many like his content for being refined and informative. He presents his content with well-put-together visuals and great audio.

Although his videos are extensive, they are a lot of fun to watch. 

6. Austin Evans 5.15 M

Austin stands out among competitive tech YouTubers because of his infectious energy and creative concepts. The thumbnails alone are quite something.

When you start watching his videos, you get genuinely engaging, experimental, and often educational content. 

He will show you how to build a PC game on your own. But he also talks about how to waste $340 on Amazon. His best videos usually consist of mystery tech unboxing.

Or when he compares broke versus pro purchasing options for gaming setups. His videos are incredibly enjoyable to watch. We sincerely look forward to looking for more from him in the future. 

7. IJustine 6.92M

Justine Ezarik, an American actress and host. If you have been on YouTube for a while, you must know who she is. The eldest Ezarik sister gained YouTube fame after she shared her 300 page iPhone bill. 

After a significant experience in vlogging, she turned to the unboxing side of YouTube. Afterward, her youtube channel following expanded soon. 

She was listed as one of the top 10 tech YouTubers by Forbes in 2017. It remains her focus to create great content focused on the newest tech releases. 

Ezarik’s playful and informative videos give you plenty of gadgets to add to your wishlist.

8. Android Authority 3.36 M

Top 13 Tech Youtubers You Must Subscribe In 2021

Android Authority was started as a blog. Later on, they also started a tech YouTube channel under the same name as their website.

The content is focused on reviewing Android gadgets and other android related things. 

If you are an Android OS fan, Android Authority is worth your subscription. As they will bring you to bring you vast information about Android phones, apps, and other how-to guides. 

9. Dave 2D 3.41M 

Dave Lee is a Canadian tech YouTuber. He is a tech guru creating content since 2015. He has a wide range of tech reviews, comparisons, and advice. Currently, his main focus of tech reviewing videos is laptops and smartphones.

His videos are very simple with amazing shots. Many portrayed his content as relaxing. He is a well-focused tech YouTuber. By 2021, he had amassed 3.41 M subscribers.

10. UrAvgConsumer 3.12 M

Judner Aura is a man of people. As his username says, he handles tech in a way that is easy to understand and relatable.

He covers new laptops and tech accessories. He also tests out work-from-home setups and everyday essentials. 

With his tech YouTube channel fame, he can likely get products that most of us would have to save up for. But he still hasn’t strayed away from his consumer-focused videos. His content answers the questions we all want to get answered. 

There has been a huge improvement in the production quality of his videos over the years. So you’ll want to check his reviews out before you invest in something.

11. Jon Rettinger 1.59 M

Jonathan Rettinger uploads content to his YouTube channel since 2007. His content is devoted to high-ticket tech product reviews including the latest phones, and electric cars.

His discussions are well researched and friendly. His tech videos are very polished. He knows what he is talking about. He is actively connected to the tech industry.

He has appeared as a commentator on CNBC. He started under the name Techno Buffalo. Then expanded it to a website which was eventually sold to brand mobile nations. 

Now he focuses only on his tech YouTube channel. You can find sleek electronic content on the YouTube channel every week. 

12. Erica Griffin 887K 

Erica Griffin, ruining her tech YouTube channel name, hers. All her content is about reviewing anything related to technology. She has redeemed herself as the Technology Nerd who likes to film stuff.

She mentions “insane depth” is my style. She gives brutally honest reviews about phones, watches, tablets, and other electronic devices.

She compares different from same category products and gives honest reviews. It makes her tech YouTube channel more trustworthy for her viewers.

She has gained an audience of 887k subscribers plus millions of views to each video. I would recommend looking at her channel to make a buying decision for any product. 

13. Ash Tailor

One of the most unconventional tech YouTubers out there. Ash Tailor joined the youtube tech world in 2010.

He makes himself stand among the best with his unique and fresh style. 

His videos are a mixture of cinematic shots and informative bits. His content is quite interesting to watch. 

Who is the richest tech YouTuber?

MKBHD or Marques Brownlee, the most popular tech YouTuber out there. He is the richest tech YouTuber. Dexerto puts his total net worth up to $12.5 million. He is making money from different streams. YouTube earnings account for a significant portion of his worth.

How many tech YouTube channels are there?

In terms of technology, there are hundreds of YouTube channels to choose from. I have chosen this list based on the quality of the videos. Quality means how a non-tech person can relate to them. Viewers’ satisfaction and opinions are parameters to measure the quality of content.

Who is your favorite tech YouTuber? Any I missed let me know in the comments.

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