Windows 11 App Store Has Become Developers Playground

Windows 11 App Store Has Become Developers Playground

Just after a week of Windows 11 arrival, Its App Store has become everyone’s favorite!

We all knew a new generation of windows was on its way that was expected to be a major upgrade but on its arrival, Windows 11 was said to be a version with just user interface changes, to be exact, Windows 10X layout slapped on Windows 10. But after a week of Windows 11 usage, users have expressed that it’s more than just layout changes.

Windows 10 Microsoft store was below average. One would have to search the web to get apps instead of using Windows 10 App Store because many apps were missing in Windows 10 App Store, but this new Microsoft Store is essentially now a frontend for the Windows Package Manager.

Tom Warren, who has a background in Windows Engineering shared this news that Windows 11 App Store is already more useful after just a week. Apps like OBS Studio, Zoom, Canva, WinZip, and Adobe Acrobat Reader have all arrived, which shows early promise for this finally being a useful Windows store. These apps are just the beginning, it’s more to come!

Not only that, there’s a new third-party web interface named Winstall, created by a Tweeten Developer named Mehedi Hasan. Basically, it’s a web app that uses Microsoft’s package manager to let you create app packs to bulk install all of your favorite Windows applications. It’s a great tool for developers, The Winstall site has premade packs but you can also create and share your own apps as well.

It also lets you pick from premade packs, or create and share your own list of apps. That could be a pack of gaming apps that includes Steam, Discord, Twitch, Origin, Uplay, and many more, or a list of productivity apps like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

According to The Verge, part of the new store’s appeal for developers is allowing apps with their own update systems and a change by Microsoft to let developers keep 100 percent of the revenue from apps if they use alternative payment platforms. This change doesn’t apply to games, however. It will take some time until we see just how well Microsoft’s reduced cut of game revenues, from 30 to 12 percent starting on August 1st, will impact the store.

Tom Warren is optimistic about this new generation of windows. It will be a massive playground for developers. Soon, the Windows 11 App Store will have immense support from the developers.

“Windows already in many ways hosts those stores, and if we can host it through the Microsoft Store then of course,”

“For sure, it means as others want to come to the store, they’re very welcome. As a matter of fact, encouraged, and that’s kind of why we’re building out some of these policies.”

Panos PanayChief Product Officer Windows, during an interview with The Verge

It’s good to see Microsoft debugging its App Store bugs. Currently, there is a ton of shit apps on the Microsoft Store that need to remove. if things go well, we might see a better version of the Microsoft Store with the help of developers.

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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