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Apple is Resolving iPhone 13 Pro’s Most Terrible Feature!

iPhone 13 Pro, no doubt takes some cool super macro shots, but it has some issues!

Apple is Resolving iPhone 13 Pro's Most Terrible Feature!

The biggest update in the iPhone’s latest 13 series has been its camera. Triple 12 MP camera sensors which are slightly bigger than its predecessors.

The iPhone 13 Pro includes a new camera with a better telephoto lens, Cinematic Mode for shooting portrait films, and a macro photography function for shooting extreme close-ups. The macro effect is fantastic. With those hefty sensors, you can do wonders in photography, the fastest cinematic mode has been much loved by the users, but its macro shots have got some issues.

However, Apple did not allow iPhone 13 Pro customers much flexibility over shooting macros. But, that is all about to change.

At first, the 13 Pro’s camera automatically shifted settings when you got close enough to an item, and it did so with a noticeable change that was rather noticeable  Apple added a bit more control over macro mode in the Settings app in iOS 15.1, allowing you to toggle the Auto Macro function on or off.

But it wasn’t ideal because you had to manually switch to the ultra-wide camera and then zoom in to obtain a macro shot—not as fluid as it should be, and the result wasn’t quite the same as the auto macro in my tests.

So Apple went back to the drawing board, and with iOS 15.2, which will be released anytime soon, you’ll be able to switch to macro mode straight within the Camera app, just like the universe intended.

The new option, first spotted by 9to5Mac, has now arrived in iOS 15.2 developer beta 2. After installing the beta, Caitlin McGarry from Gizmodo discovered that it was far easier to use than any of the prior macro mode implementations.

Simply reach the thing you wish to photograph and wait for the small flower emblem to appear on the camera screen. When you tap it, macro mode is triggered. Before the flower appears, you must go to Settings > Camera > Auto Macro and make sure the option is turned off.

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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