Google Pixel 5a Launch Sets The End To Pixel 5 and 4a

The launch of the latest Pixel 5a says goodbye to its predecessors.

Google Pixel 5a Launch Sets The End To Pixel 5 and 4a

Google Pixel series is one of the most loved series for smartphone enthusiasts and the latest Google Pixel 5a is out and available to buy. With its arrival, Google has now confirmed that its predecessors Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a headsets are being discontinued.

Single Google’s latest flagship device “Pixel 6” is around the corner, Pixel 4a has been in the market for a very long time and has a captured a great market. It was a bit surprising to see Pixel 5 being discontinued.

It’s more unusual for Google to cancel the Pixel 5. Supposedly, its current flagship product before the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro hit the market given that the Pixel 5A 5G appears to be a direct successor, it’s not unexpected that the Pixel 4A 5G has been canceled. However, it is unusual to see the Pixel 5 canceled thus far ahead of the Pixel 6’s release this fall.

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Google Pixel 6 has been one of the most awaited phones of the year and hearing its early specs, it’s going to be a big rival for Samsung and Apple as their flagship smartphones are about to arrive in the coming months.

With our current forecasts, we expect Google Store in the US to sell out of Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 in the coming weeks following the launch of Pixel 5a (5G). These products will continue to be available through some partners while supplies last.”

Google told The Verge in a statement.

Pixel smartphones are generally popular because of their premium quality hardware combined with optimized software. Not only that, Pixel smartphone cameras are considered to be one of the best smartphone cameras in the smartphone industry. All that package comes in value for money to the consumers just like Oneplus did a long time ago, now they totally suck!

We will have to wait a long time before we can get our hands on this item. Later in the year, as is customary. It is predicted in October 2021, even later than the iPhone 13 family, but by that time, the two major rivals, Samsung and Apple, will be out. The iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The ultimate battle between Google, Samsung, and Apple will be seen with the arrival of their flagships. Stay tuned as they are expected to arrive in the coming months.

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