Huawei Upcoming P50 Series, Camera Powerhouse?

Huawei Upcoming P50 Series, Camera Powerhouse

Huawei, during their Harmony OS launch, teased us with the P50 series – one of their most premium flagship phone. The company provided the first look with a few specifications but as it was a teaser no further details were revealed.

The phone looks quite sexy with its slim design and almost no bezels. The camera array has a unique design than their traditional ones, it consists of four camera lenses but we don’t know about the sensor size, megapixels and what cameras are we getting.

Huawei P series is considered a camera-centric phone. They have a long-term collaboration with Leica Camera that produces top-notch quality cameras and, is considered as most expensive camera lenses. This photo below shows that as it is coming with Leica lenses that will help you record make HD memories.

Leica Lenses

If you look at the lenses, it looks quite unique. The sensor sizes and placement will give tough time to its competitors. Nowadays, flagship series are more camera-focused, just look at other flagships like Samsung S21 Ultra, Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra. iPhone 12 Pro Max Samsung is also collaborating with Olympus for their upcoming flagship series S22 Ultra. It’s a camera war!

Huawei P50 Teaser

According to Huawei, it will “take smartphone photography to a whole new level.” Given that the camera bulge appears to have grown in size since the P40 Pro Plus (which we dubbed “the smartphone zoom king”), it’s logical to assume that Huawei has stuffed even more sensors and lenses into the P50.

For the past two years, Since China vs America. Things aren’t going well for Huawei, they have been trying to launch their own OS, just like they have their own Chipsets. And finally, they have released HarmonyOS that will replace Android on their upcoming devices.

During the broadcast, stated that

It will have a “lightweight design” and an “iconic” design language. Huawei’s new HarmonyOS operating system will most likely come pre-installed on the P50, though the company did not confirm this in a video or even show the display powered on, for that matter.

Huawei CEO – Richard Yu

Source: The Verge

If we talk about hardware, it will be a beast in terms of specifications but if we talk about software, we can’t say anything about their now HarmonyOS. It’s new in the market so before any verdict, we have to take our hands on experience.

Huawei hasn’t disclosed its price and release date either. Because of the semi conductor chip shortage, it’s most likely to announced till the end of 2021.

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