Nokia X60 Series – World’s First Phone With 200MP Camera Sensor

Nokia X60 Series - World's First Phone With 200MP Camera Sensor

Nokia’s ultra flagship is coming!

Nokia is back with a banger and it could be the world’s first phone with a 200-megapixel smartphone sensor. Along with this, we could see a bunch of high-end specs that we haven’t seen before in Nokia smartphones.

According to the Korean Media, it is rumored that Nokia could be working on a brand new flagship name Nokia X60 Series with some groundbreaking specifications. According to the sources, it will rock super curved OLED screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, a massive 6000mah battery, Snapdragon 778G, and a 200MP smartphone camera sensor which is most likely to be made by Samsung as we know Samsung is working on this brand new sensor which will be introduced in the second half of 2021.

This 200 MP camera sensor sounds interesting as it will take smartphone photography and videography to another level. Apart from its megapixels, no other camera specifications were leak regarding OIS, EIS, or whether it will have a wide-angle lens or periscope. Not even front-facing camera details were reported. Since it’s a Nokia phone, we expect its build quality would be premium.

This could be Nokia’s first flagship phone to run HarmonyOS by Huawei. The reports say that Nokia is testing out HarmonyOS for their upcoming flagship phones at least in China only. It will have HMS services and because Nokia has access to Google Play Services as well, these phones can also potentially run Google applications. They might be doing this collaboration with Huawei in order to gain a massive market. Sources also suggest that HarmonyOS would come to other Chinese smartphones as well because of the China Vs America dispute.

Not only Nokia will provide this sensor Since this sensor is made by Samsung. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 or S22 Ultra will most likely come out with this sensor. Smartphone megapixel competition is going hard with these massive numbers due to the courtesy of pixel binning.

Another Smartphone company that has sold a huge amount of smartphones over the past few years Xiaomi is most likely to join this megapixel battle. The company is rumored to announce a new flagship device that will have a 192MP camera resolution with the support of 16-in-1 pixel binning. It will also provide a digital 4x lossless zoom just by using the main camera sensor which is actually a decent number. The second half of 2021 sounds interesting!

We might see Samsung’s announcement for this sensor in the coming months. Samsung is becoming everyone’s favorite now. It has collaborated with pretty much every tech giant out there, Talk about Samsung X Google, Samsung X Olympus, Samsung X AMD, and now we might see Samsung X Nokia collaboration in the coming months or so.

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