Samsung’s New ISOCELL JN1 – The Smallest 50MP Sensor

Samsung's New ISOCELL JN1 - The Smallest 50MP Sensor

Samsung has officially announced the world’s smallest 50 MP sensor. They name this sensor ISOCELL JN1. ISOCELL Series promises to bring better camera quality with reduced sensor sizes.

The size of a single-pixel is just 0.64 μm, which is the smallest the Korean company has ever produced, while the entire sensor is 1/2.76” type.

This newly launched JN1 can take high-quality pictures as well as videos 4k 60fps and slow-motion videos of 1080p up to 240 fps. Software is the key here. The Smart ISO technology and double super pdf. It’s actually based on pixel binning which allows the sensor to take 12.5 MP images with a pixel size of 1.28 mm.

Samsung’s first image sensor to feature tiny, 0.64μm pixels, the ISOCELL JN1 packs 50 million pixels into an ultra-slim package that delivers awesome details and awesome colors in every photo.

Powered by ISOCELL 2.0, an advanced pixel isolation technology, the ISOCELL JN1 has improved light sensitivity and color fidelity. Every image you capture has rich, vivid colors that will transport you right back to your favorite moments. The ISOCELL JN1 uses inter-scene HDR, a new type of HDR technology to deliver an even better dynamic range.


As impressively small it is, this smartphone sensor isn’t going to be up to the flagship level. It won’t be used in Galaxy S22 Series at least for the main lens and probably not gonna be the sensor for the upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro but it can definitely improve entry-level devices, budget smartphones, and even mid-range phones. 

Upcoming S22 Ultra with 200 MP Camera

Judging from this all, Samsung’s upcoming 200 MP won’t actually be that much big because we think Samsung will apply this principle to make their sensor small as they can. Samsung officially said that they want to go up to 600 MP sensor while at the same time decreasing the pixel size. 

Now, you might be thinking… Isn’t the bigger pixel size better than the smaller pixel size? Size doesn’t matter! In order to compensate, Samsung is relying on software algorithms such as ISOCELL 2.0. This new 50 MP Isocell JN1 could potentially replace the older 48 MP sensors from Samsung that other brands have used. It can possibly perform better in other smartphones as we’ve seen Xiaomi’s MI 11 Ultra equipping Samsung GN2 sensor that took smartphone photography to a whole new level.

Literally, it’s a smartphone attached to a camera!

Because of their small size, this sensor is perfect for smartphones with a super slim design and most importantly it can also be used as front-facing cameras in Samsung’s upcoming smartphones. In order to make it fit for Samsung phones without having a huge camera bump that looks too ugly and makes your phone a lot heavier.

This is a smart move from Samsung, not only that they are bringing camera technology to another level by collaborating with renowned camera companies. Now you’ll have smartphones with bigger and better cameras with the slimmest designs without having huge camera bumps. 

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