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TCL was working on a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip rival but has to dump it.

Manufacturing foldable smartphones ain’t a piece of cake!

TCL was working on a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip rival but has to dump it.

TCL – A famous brand well known for manufacturing excellent quality monitors just had a disastrous experiment.

The brand was hoping to launch a foldable smartphone that could have been a straight competitor to the newly arrived Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Motorolla Razr but now, it ain’t happening as multiple factors came across while making foldable phones affordable.

TCL has also been working on foldable phones for the past few years. This includes Project Chicago, a competitor for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 that has regrettably been put on hold for another 12 to 18 months. The decision was taken just before the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was unveiled by Samsung.

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Another factor is the TCL brand’s lack of strength in the smartphone industry. That’s because the business just started selling phones under its own name in 2020, after years of selling low-cost phones under the Alcatel brand and, more recently, the BlackBerry and Palm brands. The TCL 20 Pro 5G is one of the current options, a competent phone that can compete with the Samsung Galaxy A52 and the Google Pixel 4a.

Since the company started selling smartphones in 2020 associated with different brands. Covid 19 might also be a reason in terms of revenue accumulation as foldable phone manufacturing demands huge investments plus has a higher risk compared to other smartphones.

The company will go back to the drawing board because of several reasons. One is that TCL had hoped to build a foldable device at a more affordable price point, something that’s not possible with the current shortage of chips and other essential components. Then there’s the lack of carrier support for the 5G modem that was inside the canceled phone.

Stefan Streit, TCL’s chief marketing officer,  

Foldable/Flippable phones will be much popular in the near future when they will be more pocket-friendly to the users as they offer more than a traditional smartphone display. Everyone will have a phone according to its preference but during its inception, people are a bit worried about its build and reliability.

TCL is one of the top companies in the display department. The company is optimistic about manufacturing a foldable phone. This might be a possibility as the phone is all about a foldable screen and we hope to see a better competitor for Samsung’s foldable devices in the future.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 could feature Snapdragon 898 & Exynos 2200

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