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The Latest iPad Mini Scrolling Problem Will Frequently Blur Your Screen

If you have the latest iPad Mini, you may have seen the Jelly Effect when scrolling!

The Latest iPad Mini Scrolling Problem Will Frequently Blur Your Screen

The latest iPad Mini 2021 has arrived with amazing specifications and affordable price. This latest tiny beast from Apple has some issue that frequently blurs the screen.

Some early iPad Mini users have experienced some issue with iPad Mini screen while scrolling, and as a result it blurs the IPS display. Basically, the term that’s used to express this issue is called “Jelly scrolling”.

The term “jelly scrolling” refers to an effect in which lines of text tilt to the left when you scroll across a webpage or document. It’s simpler to understand if you look at the effect. You can see the live example in the tweet embedded below:

The latest iPad Mini has been a surprise from Apple for its users. The tiny beast not only looks sexy but also offers a lot from hardware point of view and since it’s an Apple product, the price tag is also attractive and the majority of customers have opted for this tiny beast.

Apple’s new iPad Mini features an all-new design that is similar to the iPad Air, which was introduced in 2020. The new Mini includes an 8.3-inch screen, a Touch ID sensor on the power button, a USB-C connector, a 12MP ultrawide front camera that supports Apple’s Center Stage technology, and 5G connection as an option.

It also supports the second-generation Apple Pencil, which can be magnetically attached to the tablet’s side and the tiny beast offers everything in just $499.

The similar jelly effect kinda issue was also seen in the previous iPad Air 4 series, but was only limited to some particular units. However, it’s unclear what’s exactly the root cause of this issue. Hardware or may be software, but we’ll have to wait for Apple’s official statement about this ongoing issue.

This ain’t the first time we are seeing issues with Apple’s latest products. The newly arrived iPhone 13 ProMotion display also got some issues. It was the main highlighting feature from Apple including the new cinematic feature in the camera department.

iPhone 13 became a victim with another issues this week. Users were unable to lock their phones via Apple smartwatch’s ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ feature. The company didn’t mention anything about what’s actually causing the issue and claims it will fix this issue as soon as possible.

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