Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra – The King Of Smartphones!

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra King Of Smartphone

Xiaomi is back with another banger. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is officially launched. The most impressive specs for a phone in the world right now. It’s a huge day for the evolution of smartphone cameras, for the first time a smartphone is rocking a camera sensor that is almost as big as a professional camera.

Xiaomi didn’t even compare this phone to a smartphone. They went straight after Sony’s professional digital camera RX100 Mark 7. They went all-in with them side-by-side comparisons, particularly in low light situations. At Xiaomi’s official event, we can see Mi 11 Ultra is doing a great job against Sony’s RX100. The pictures and brighter with more details as well. This huge sensor combines with night mode came on top. You can see that in their official video. It makes us think… smartphones beating digital cameras with the ease of use unlike professional cameras with heavy equipment but we will have to see how it works in real life and what consumers think about this device. 

However, the device looks glossy with a curved display but it has a huge camera bump which looks ugly. A huge camera bump you’ll ever see on a smartphone. But this bulky bump has various awesome functions. It shows notifications on the back, battery percentage, date and time, cool charging animations and, even you can also capture the sharpest selfies in the world using the outer display whilst using the main 50 MP GN2 sensor. 

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Now, apart from this main sensor. Mi 11 Ultra is rocking an IMX 586 Ultra-wide lens. 48 MP Periscope camera system that allows it to zoom all the way up to 120 times because of the software but the actual lossless zoom is up to 5-7x level. 

Regarding specifications, this phone is impressive. It comes up with a 120 Hz bright OLED display with 1700nits brightness, 67-Watt fast charging, 120x Zoom, and some insane wireless charging standards. Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 12 Gigs of Ram. All this package is under $1000. It actually costs less than $1000 in China, which is an insane value for the price. 

Xiaomi went after Sony but does Sony have any response to this at all?. They were working on IMX 800 sensor which was rumored to be a one-inch smartphone sensor but apparently it’s not happening because the Huawei P50 Series is coming with IMX 707Y sensor which is smaller than Sony’s GN2. According to sources, the Huawei P50 series is delayed and will most likely launch in mid-year 2021.

Xiaomi is not done here, they are yet to announce some amazing products in upcoming days that could be a custom Xiaomi CPU, a Foldable Mi Mix Smartphone, and Liquid Lens technology which is similar to how the human eye operates. 

Looks like Xiaomi has made a world record by implementing the biggest sensor in a smartphone. What do you think? will Xiaomi write its name in the Guinness Book Of World Record?

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What do you think?

Written by Hammad Khalid

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