Fortnite’s New Mode That’s Basically ‘Among Us’ Isn’t Happening!

IGN reports the news roaming about Fortnite’s new “Imposter Mode” was all fake!

Fortnite's New Mode That's Basically 'Among Us' Isn't Happening!


Fortnite – one of the most popular games of all time is about to add a new limited-time mode called imposter mode that’s basically the same as among us.

In a statement to IGN, Among Us developer Innersloth confirmed that the team did not work with Epic Games on the Fortnite Impostors mode, but says fans should watch for collaborations between Among Us and others indie developers soon. Here’s the team’s full statement below:

“We didn’t work with Epic on it, although we would have loved to collab, and found out about it the same time as everyone else. We’ve been working on some really cool collabs with other indie developers that we can hopefully share soon though.”

Currently, we have no idea as both sources Epic Games and Fortnite developers have major credibility. Sit back relax, whatever happens, we’ll let you know! Till now, it isn’t happening!

During the pandemic, Among Us became one of the hottest multiplayer games to be played. It went straight to Twitch’s front page during the pandemic’s earlier days.

On Tuesday, the whole gaming news platforms announced this news of Among Us like game mode on Fortnite called Imposters but a few moments ago, IGN had an interview with one of the Fortnite developers who claimed this news to be fake.

The news circulated about the game mode named Impostors will allow up to ten players to compete concurrently in two factions: agents and impostors.

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Eight agents work to accomplish assignments around the new map before the two impostors can ruin their efforts by removing agents and reversing their work. You can also transport players around the map at random and transform everyone into a banana because it’s Fortnite.

The game is set in a new indoor map location that accurately portrays the tight dread that makes the social deception-style game both intense to play and exciting to watch.

During each round, the players gather to vote on someone they believe is working against the agents in secret, which usually leads to a lot of heated discussions. Players can also stick together in a smaller group by picking a private game mode.

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If you don’t have a group of buddies to play with, you can still try it out, however, this type of game works best with people you know. While public voice communication is disabled in the new game mode, players in open matches can communicate using the game’s emotes and a short chat box to vote on who they believe has infiltrated the group.

Fortnite maker Epic Games is heaven for gamers. The platform is doing well and Covid-19 has generally boost up the platform too. The announcement was published on the Epic Games website, but today, a few hours ago, Fortnite’s developer team claimed this to be fake.

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