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The Epic vs Apple lawsuit reveals App Store’s revenue derives from games.

Epic Games vs Apple seem to be on war!

The Apple App Store’s future was at stake. It all started in August 2020, when Epic Games set a trap for Apple.

Apart from this dispute, one of the biggest shocks comes from the closing ruling of the case, which reveals that 70% of the App Store’s money comes from games.

The case has been going on for almost a year or more and the statistic shows how much of AppStore is a business model for Apple Inc.

According to digital trends, The case has officially wrapped up, with both Apple and Epic getting something from the final ruling. Most interestingly, information about Apple’s revenue model was unmasked to the general public at the end.

The ruling reveals that gaming apps are the source of around 70% of the entirety of the App Store’s earnings. Even more astounding is the fact that 70% is made up of less than 10% of all App Store consumers.

That staggering percentage comes partly from the 30% revenue cut taken by Apple from app purchases in the App Store. Even before this hearing, users and developers alike have claimed the system is unfair to smaller developers.

It all started when Fortnite Fortnite maker Epic Games, Inc. sued Apple, and the court proceeding started in California.  Epic Games says Apple’s App Store is a monopoly. 

While Apple on the other hand says Epic Games broke its developer contract. As a result of the legal spat, Fortnite has kicked off Apple’s iPhone and iPad last year.

It slapped Apple with a 65-page lawsuit – and had even prepared a high production video, a spoof of Apple’s iconic 1984 advert for the Apple Mac. Epic Games have been claiming Apple for years. The charge imposed on Epic Games has been unreasonable.

Matt Stoller previously said that antitrust cases are notoriously hard to predict.

“Antitrust law, as it’s practiced in the US, is a complete mess. So we have no idea. The law basically depends on what the judge had for breakfast.”

 Matt Stoller An Anti-Monopoly Campaigner

Though the court concluded that Epic Games was unable to provide sufficient proof of Apple’s monopoly, it did achieve a little victory. According to the judgment, Apple must enable developers to steer app users to payment methods other than those promoted by Apple.

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