The Latest Microsoft Edge Browser Is Now Available On Xbox

Now play Stadia games, communicate on Discord servers, and access Steam via Microsoft Edge

The Latest Microsoft Edge Browser Is Now Available On Xbox

Everyone’s loving the new Microsoft update which arrived in September, Now the latest windows browser is available on Xbox which will let you enjoy Cloud Gaming Services.

With Microsoft’s September software upgrade, Xbox is going to become a more open platform. The console will receive the most recent version of Microsoft Edge, allowing it to play Stadia games, communicate on Discord servers, and access Steam.

If you don’t like Microsoft’s own Xbox Cloud Gaming service, the latest version of Edge makes it easier to pull up web pages or search for news or tips. It also unlocks the ability to use the web versions of a number of gaming apps, including Google Stadia.

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Gizmodo reported that Microsoft is also bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming functionality to the PC via the Windows Xbox software for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users in 22 countries. Now that PCs are compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming, anybody with an Android phone, a modern Xbox, or a laptop/desktop has a simple method to play more than 100 different games without worrying about the device’s power. All you need is a fast internet connection. That’s it

Although, Microsoft recommends you at least 7Mbps—as well as 5GHz Wi-Fi or 5G cellular connections to have a better and lag free experience.

If you prefer to stream games you already own to another device, Microsoft’s Remote Play now allows you to do so from an Xbox One or an Xbox Series S/X to a nearby PC. That implies that if someone in your house is consuming the TV, you have other alternatives for gaming. The best part is that Remote Play works over the internet as well, so you’re not limited to your local network.

Meanwhile, The Verge reported about some issue with Nvidia,

It looks like Nvidia is still restricting access to GeForce Now game streaming on Edge for some reason, although this appears to be an exception rather than a frequent occurrence.

Microsoft is adding a new Play Later list for Xbox Game Pass users, so you can simply save any intriguing games you see and return to them later. In addition, if you don’t have any games stored in your Play Later list, Microsoft will suggest some new titles to try.


Currently, Microsoft Edge is available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

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