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This controller makes your android phone into a portable Xbox

Something out of the box for mobile gamers!

This controller makes your android phone into a portable Xbox

Microsoft has made a big push for cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass and the ability to stream games directly from your Xbox system to your phone. And, while a surprising amount of gamers do it with touch controls.

Nacon’s RIG MG-X mobile controller. It’s an officially licensed Xbox controller that works with almost any Android phone, and it has all the buttons found on a conventional Xbox One controller. As a result, it should be a perfect match for Game Pass games on the move.

Microsoft is unlikely to produce a portable Xbox. With Sony’s failure with the Vita, Nintendo’s market domination with the Switch, and Microsoft’s device-agnostic business strategy, there isn’t much demand for such a product.

When combined with the Xbox buttons, the RIG MG-X has an appealingly basic design for a product category that may be a bit uncomfortable. It’s good not to have to think about which icons correspond to which actions; you can just use the same buttons as you would on a standard Xbox setup.

The controller has a gap in the middle that extends out to clamp around your phone, which connects over Bluetooth. Nacon says it should work with any phone running Android 6 and above with a screen up to 6.7 inches; I mostly used it with a Vivo X70 Pro Plus, which is a giant phone with a 6.78-inch screen, and it works fine. (It does not, however, work with iPhones at all.)

Source: The Verge

This is a hefty gadget that is broader than an Xbox controller before you stretch it to enter your phone. But, when it comes to triggers, there is one exception. For some reason, they’re pretty hard to push all the way in, which is a major issue in games where you need to keep them down a lot.

The RIG MG-X’s triggers are its biggest flaw | Image via The Verge

Overall, the buttons on the RIG MG-X are modest yet functional. The analogue sticks aren’t as large as those on a full-size Xbox controller, but they’re larger than the Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch and feel more enjoyable to use. The face buttons are small yet tactile and clicky, and the D-pad is precise enough, despite being a touch mushier than I’d like. I have large hands, and I find the RIG MG-X to have pretty excellent ergonomics for most games over time.

Sam Byford from The Verge experienced that the RIG MG-X is a decent controller with a single big flaw, so just know what you’re getting into if you’re a fan of racing games. I happen to be one, so that was disappointing for me, and I’d personally go with the Xbox version of the Razer Kishi for that reason. But for lots of other Xbox games, this is a solid solution that gets you closer to a portable Xbox than ever before, and other than the triggers I prefer its design to the Kishi.

This month, Nacon also announced the MG-X Pro, which looks much more like a standard Xbox controller — hopefully the triggers are better.

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