Valve Has Banned Blockchain Games and NFTs on Steam – Epic Will Strive to Make it Happen

Epic Games is here to steal the show!

Valve Has Banned Blockchain Games and NFTs on Steam - Epic Will Strive to Make it Happen

NFTs are considered to be the future but Valve doesn’t think so!

According to a new rule added to Valve’s “What you shouldn’t publish on Steam” list, games that leverage blockchain technology or allow players to swap NFTs or cryptocurrencies won’t be permitted on Steam.

SpacePirate, a developer working on an NFT-based game, noticed the change and explained that it was made because the firm doesn’t allow game objects with real-world value. Steam, on the other hand, may be attempting to avoid criticism with the change.

The Verge reports that looking at a Wayback Machine capture of Steam’s rule page from late August, there are only 12 rules and no mention of cryptocurrencies or NFTs. The new rule is also missing from other documents — it currently doesn’t show up on the Joining the Steamworks Distribution Program page.


NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. It can hold any digital content, such as paintings, animated GIFs, music, or video game goods. An NFT can be one-of-a-kind, such as a real-life artwork, or one of many copies, such as trading cards, but the blockchain keeps track of who owns the file. Using the blockchain, you can purchase and sell ownership of your unique digital assets, & keep track of who owns them via NFTs.

The differences between Steam and Epic’s approaches highlight the fact that any platform or store that moderates content will have to decide whether to allow apps or games to sell NFTs — one of the biggest unknowns right now is how Apple will handle apps like OpenSea and Coinbase if they decide to allow users to purchase the digital tokens. Recently, Apple removed Fortnite from its App Store.

The reputation of NFT and crypto-based gaming isn’t great. There’s the infamous Evolved Apes saga, in which a developer sold NFTs with the promise of using them in a fighting game, only to disappear with the money. There are several potentially fascinating game concepts that employ NFTs, but even if they were allowed, it’s difficult to determine how many of them would have been a suitable match for Steam.

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