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A.I Emotion Detector Tested In Xinjiang. Human Getting Exposed?

A.I Emotion Detector Tested In Xinjiang. Human Getting Exposed

A.I is transforming the world. But can it be used to detect emotions?

A software engineer thinks so. Recently, news arrived from a software engineer claiming to detect emotions via cameras installed in the police station of a province Xinjiang.

Basically, it’s a camera device that uses AI and facial recognition to show emotional states that have been tested on Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Some human rights advocate describes it as a shocking scenario that is completely unethical. However, the Chinese embassy in London completely denies about the situation and didn’t respond to any question about emotional recognition software in Xinjiang.

The software engineer who claimed to have installed these cameras, was too nervous because he fears for his safety agreed to talk to BBC, under the condition of anonymity. His credentials and the company he’s working for aren’t revealed.

Here’s What He Told BBC:

“The Chinese government use Uyghurs as test subjects for various experiments just like rats are used in laboratories,”

He outlined his role in installing the cameras in police stations in the province: “We placed the emotion detection camera 3m from the subject. It is similar to a lie detector but far more advanced technology.”

He said officers used “restraint chairs” which are widely installed in police stations across China. Your wrists are locked in place by metal restraints, and the same applies to your ankles.

He provided evidence of how the AI system is trained to detect and analyze even minute changes in facial expressions and skin pores.

According to his claims, the software creates a pie chart, with the red segment representing a negative or anxious state of mind. He claimed the software was intended for “pre-judgment without any credible evidence”.

Source: BBC

China is one the biggest country in terms of population. and not only that, it has around 200 million cameras installed in the country, can you believe that? now imagine being stalked by these cameras in the future via AI, which can detect your emotions. We wonder what’s gonna happen in the future!

Chongqing-based investigator told Panorama of his own experience:

“Once you leave home and step into the lift, you are captured by a camera. There are cameras everywhere. When I leave home to go somewhere, I call a taxi, the taxi company uploads the data to the government. I may then go to a cafe to meet a few friends and the authorities know my location through the camera in the cafe.

There have been occasions when I have met some friends and soon after someone from the government contacts me. They warned me, ‘Don’t see that person, don’t do this and that.”

“With artificial intelligence, we have nowhere to hide,”

Hu Liu – Investigative Journalist

We have to agree with Mr. Hu Liu, according to startup packs journalists, we believe “Data Is The New Oil”. So, we have to find ways to hide!

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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