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Facebook Inc. Global Outage – What Actually Happened?

Users did notice something strange; many assumed their devices were malfunctioning, while others blamed their internet service providers.

Facebook Inc. Global Outage - What Actually Happened?

Facebook Inc.’s services including WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger fell offline for up to six hours Monday, disrupting access for users and companies throughout the world and leaving the internet firm hunting for a solution.

It seems as the world went back to the Stone Age. Anyhow, Facebook Inc. apologized for the outage, which affected its main platforms and applications and looked to be the most extensive in the company’s history, according to an outside tracking service.

Facebook says, the incident was caused by networking problems. But, according to outside experts, it looked to be the result of a change made by the firm to networking instructions for access to its systems.

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What Actually Happened?

Facebook said the faulty configuration change impacted the company’s internal tools and systems which complicated attempts to resolve the problem. 

Cloudflare, which recently faced a similar internet outage issue, explained what this issue actually mean.

The company said it involves two elements which help the internet function: the Domain Name System (DNS) and the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

The internet works as a series of connected networks which means a BGP is needed to enable you to navigate it.

DNS is essentially the address system for the location of each website, its IP address, while the BGP is the roadmap which helps the platform navigate the most efficient way to get to an IP address.

Cloudflare said the Facebook outage was a result of BGP through a series of updates which said Facebook no longer existed. 

This meant users trying to reach Facebook and the other platforms affected were unable to do so because the BGP could not find the path to access it.

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The interruption impacted both critical and routine communication, shutting off small companies from consumers, and delayed e-commerce across many nations. Some businesses saw their operations and profits suffer, while others put out marketing pitches based on the services going black, highlighting the extent to which Facebook—despite the numerous scandals and problems it faces—is at the core of daily life across the world.

“I know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

The outage of Facebook and its subsidiaries last night was the company’s first big outage in 13 years. Previously, a similar breakdown occurred in 2008. This six-hour outage of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp only resulted in a $6 billion revenue loss for Mark Zuckerberg! It’s not a huge thing for him, but we’ve all known for a while that he unquestionably rules the digital world.

On Monday, Twitter was bombarded with comments, jokes, and complaints from Facebook and its services users. Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey also tweeted his support for Signal, a rival messaging service, amid other jokes. The company later acknowledged that the outpouring of traffic it received may have affected replies and direct messages for a period.

Just about a few months ago, Facebook became a 1 Trillion dollar company. Afterwards this incident, the company shares dropped 4.9%. The platform remains the popular social networks to read news as well.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Based on the amount of people affected, the outage looked to be the biggest in the company’s history. According to a representative for Downdetector’s parent business, it is the largest ever identified by Downdetector, which monitors website outages, with more than 10.6 million issue complaints from around the world.

The statistics show the impact of the global outage and how much people rely on various social sites. Meanwhile, some users may ditch these networks in favor of alternative social apps such as Signal and Twitter.

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