Snap has released “Story Studio” – A solo video editing tool

The program is designed for individuals who wish to create more professional material, such as Spotlight makers.

Snap has released "Story Studio" - A solo video editing tool

Snap has released Story Studio, a separate video editing program designed to provide producers more precise editing control over vertical movies and the ability to add components such as text, trending audio, and AR lenses.

The software, which was first unveiled in May, is now accessible as an “early version” to iOS users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

The Verge reported about the Story Studio, which Snap claims is being “developed with creators,” is intended to be a more complex video editing tool, similar to Spotlight for filmmakers. Spotlight, which debuted a year ago, is Snap’s answer to TikTok – videos made in Story Studio may be sent directly to Spotlight or a user’s Snapchat story. Unlike TikTok, videos can be downloaded and shared on other platforms without being watermarked.

Use the frame-precise trimming, splitting, and timing tools to get your edits just right. Add layers and captions to tell your story, and then Sounds from Snapchat. Try the latest Lens that everyone is talking about, and add smooth transitions from one video to another.

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Snap also stated that it had paid out more than $250 million to 12,000 artists since the introduction of Spotlight last November. The website claims to pay millions of dollars per month to users with high-performing Spotlight entries but does not provide an actual figure. Snap claims it would continue to offer a “variety of possibilities” to reward successful creators, but it is unclear whether the monthly payouts in the millions will continue.

TikTok and Instagram Reels continue to compete with Snap in the mobile video arena, and Facebook said in July that it will pay out $1 billion to artists until 2022. Though Snap claims that Spotlight producers are publishing three times as frequently as they were when the service was released, it’s still a relatively new product competing with behemoths like TikTok, which has 1 billion monthly users.

Snap has been providing out of the box features. The company as a standalone app has upgraded Its camera to highlight visual search, the company also plans to upgrade in hardware department, Snap launched the latest version of their AR glasses.

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