Twitter allows developers to add labels in bot accounts

Users will be able to distinguish between authentic and bot accounts

Twitter allows developers to add labels in bot accounts

Twitter will begin allowing developers to add labels to their automated accounts on Wednesday. The label will appear on the account’s profile and in your feed under the account’s name.

Twitter experimented with labels for automated (aka bot) accounts in September to make it easier to tell when an account was running on its own. Now with this recent news from Twitter, the experiment is completed!

According to Twitter spokesperson Celeste Carswell, the labels will be available to automated accounts created by developers using the Twitter API, and account owners will have to opt in to have the label applied to their account.

While the launch is a little later than Twitter’s previous promise of allowing developers to use the labels by the end of 2021, this is something good for bot account managers. 

According to The Verge,  There are a lot of ways a bot could be a really handy follow — Twitter’s marketing material shows off a local weather bot, and The Verge’s Chaim Gartenberg made an extremely helpful bot that says what day it is — and having a label attached to these types of accounts will be a useful reminder that they are automated.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to imagine a bot account being used for malicious purposes, but Twitter’s automated accounts policy and overall rules apply to automated accounts, according to Carswell. Twitter will not audit accounts that choose to use the new labels, but users can report accounts that they believe are breaking the rules.

Twitter is also working on a memorial label for people who have passed away. That label was supposed to be available in 2021, but for now, Twitter has declined to comment. The social media network loves to add diverse features. It also plans to add a “Tip Jar” feature so that users will be able to pay tips to their favorite Twitter accounts.

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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