The Vaping Technology And Why Is It Degraded

The Vaping Technology And Why Is It Degraded

The purpose of this article is to explain the vaping technology and mechanics inside the E-cigarette devices and to make a thorough discussion on whether it is harmful to human health or not.

What is Vape?

A vape, also known as an e-cigarette, is a device that produces vapors (hence called VAPE) of a particular liquid that is to be inhaled by the user. The liquid used in vapes is a flavored chemical liquid called VAPE JUICE.

Vaping devices are used primarily as a smoking alternative. The purpose of vape is to help people manage their nicotine cravings or smoking habits. Vape users eventually leave the smoking habit or at least reduce it to harmless amounts.

The first-ever vape was invented by a Chinese pharmacist who started working to make a safe and sustainable alternative for smoking. He came up with this idea because of the deterrent death of his father caused by smoking.

It is also reported that the Chinese pharmacist who created the very first e-cigarette was himself a hard-core smoking addict.

Several stereotypes have been established associated with vape and vaping technology. The paramount reason for this distrustful behavior is the lack of awareness. Other causes are less explained cases and maybe because of association with smoking.

Since there is smoke involved, and people heard that this smoke is created by harmful chemicals, they just started to doubt vaping technology and then rumors did the rest of the work.

As far as chemicals are concerned, the smoke of a normal cigarette contains 5000+ chemicals and most of them are harmful and some are radioactive as well.

To give you a better and in-depth insight, let’s get into the comparison of vape and smoke.

Vaping, Smoking…….What’s the Difference?

So this is a very commonly asked question, why is vaping better than smoking?

Well, there is a thing common in smoking and vaping. Both can be addictive. And both are used to satisfy nicotine cravings since both of them contain noticeable amounts of nicotine. Limited use of nicotine has reportedly no harmful effects on the human body. However, nicotine is highly addictive and can get you in trouble in so many ways.

But the most important distinction between vaping and smoking is that vape smoke is a result of evaporation. In the case of vape, the smoke is produced by heating the liquid inside the vape tank which results in its evaporation and the vapors are released. So there is no harmful combustion involved.

While the smoke in cigarettes is the result of combustion. And not just any combustion, but the combustion of treated Tobacco. When you light a cigarette the smoke is generated by the burning of tobacco and several other chemicals. You should know that burning smoke of literally anything is deadly for the human body. And the burning of tobacco is a very lethal combo.

The conclusion is, the harmfulness of these vapors is majorly dependent on what is being vaporized, what are the chemicals this smoke is carrying. What are vape juices made up of?

How Does Vape Work as a Smoking Alternative?

The smoke from the vape contains nicotine which satisfies the need of the consumer and the inhaling and exhaling of smoke mimics the muscle habit of smoking. Therefore, people have found it a more efficient and effective smoking alternative than gums, mouth packs, and patches.

Vapes don’t have any harmful chemicals that can lead you to cancer or other health problems.

The Exhaled Smoke of Vape

No proof or evidence is claiming that exhaled vape smoke is harmful. And the Royal College of physicians has found the harmfulness of smoking through vape compared to cigarettes is 95% reduced. We can assume that vaping smoke is harmless to the people surrounding the person who’s vaping.


How Does Vaping Technology Work?

Before I explain the working technology of vapes, you should know that there are multiple types of e-cigarettes

  1. Tube-like
  2. Cigarette-like
  3. Pods
  4. Mods

Pods and mods provide heavy nicotine doses and fumes while the pen-like and cigarette-like are comparatively lighter.

Parts of an MoD Vape

  1. At the bottom of the vape, a battery is present, the power of the battery is variable and optional.
  2. The battery is present in a metal or plastic case and in that case a button is present which initiates vaporization.
  3. Above the button is a removable tank that contains the coil, the wicking fabric, and the liquid.
  4. Finally on the top is a removable mouthpiece which on sucking releases smoke.

Working of Vape

What is a Coil?

The coil in the vape is a metal frame with coiled wires and the wicking material is passed through the coiled wires. On pressing the button, the wires become red hot which evaporates the liquid absorbed by the wicking fabric. The coil is disposable replaceable in most vapes.

In some vapes, a small hole, chimney, or exhaust is also present to regulate the flow of air and smoke.

The batteries are rechargeable and mostly non-removable li-ion.

Advanced vapes also provide options like wattage regulator, temperature display and heavy vapes work as a power bank to charge phones. The liquid can be added by removing the mouthpiece.

What are Vape Juices Made Up of?

Vapes juices are the liquid that evaporates to give smoke. These juices have the following composition

  • Vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol (75%)
  • Flavour additives (15-20%)
  • Nicotine (variable)

Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol constitute most of the vape juices which carry the flavor and nicotine. Vegetable glycerine is a viscous liquid and gives off dense fumes while propylene glycol is less viscous.

Both Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are safe to ingest. But propylene glycol can initiate allergies in some people. And also these are safe for ingestion, but the effects of directly inhaling vapors of these mediums are still unknown.

Flavors are added to the liquid just to provide a nice taste but some liquids do not contain any kind of flavors. It’s a personal choice. Flavors used are the same as used in food products so they are safe for your body.

Nicotine is present for the relaxation of cravings of the user but nicotine-free juices are also present in the market. Nicotine has reportedly no harmful effects on the human body but is excessively addictive. Excessive intakes of nicotine in children can be fatal.

Do Vaping Devices, Burst?

Just like smartphones and other devices with a li-ion battery, there is a chance of explosion always.

Explosions happen because of a very small temperature problem and the thing which explodes is the battery.

The same goes for the vaping devices that exploded. Any device containing a battery can explode if not used with safety precautions.

Here are some possible reasons those devices exploded:

  1. Use of unofficial devices
  2. High battery temperature or using without any break
  3. Using devices with no safety failsafe
  4. Using runny or low-quality vape juices which may leak.
  5. Using chargers that are not compatible with the vaping devices.


Vaping may not seem like a healthy activity, but its benefits are undeniable for people who want to leave smoking. Nicotine intake is not injurious to health but it’s highly addictive. To avoid these harms and get yourself a safer alternative, Vape works the best! Vape devices are a savior! -Not only for the habitual smokers but for the environment as well.

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